Ellen DeGeneres on Simon Cowell: He's Mean!

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Last night, American Idol viewers met a pair of rumored semifinalists: Casey James and Haeley Vaughn.

But while we're excited to hear more from them and other singers, the focus of the show will likely return to the judging table next week. That's because Ellen DeGeneres debuts as a panelist on Tuesday night.

Asked about her co-star by Entertainment Tonight, Ellen recently said: "He's actually meaner than I thought. It's hard to listen to him tell people things and me not to go, 'You poor thing!'"

Despite this critique, and despite rumors that she and Cowell are already fighting, an insider says everything is fine between the pair.

Yes, Simon appeared late at a taping last month, but apologized and DeGeneres "accepted it right away and was fine," says the source.

So, can Ellen offer any spoilers about which contestants make it far in Hollywood? No, but she does tease: "We have a wide variety [of talent]... somebody for everybody, I hope."

She's already getting good at this marketing game. Are you excited for her to take part on the show?


I have enjoyed Ellen since her sitcom, she is funny and heart warming, a breath of fresh air. Will she be okay on AI? We will see, we all know it will never ever be the same without Simon, Why is he leaving, does anyone know. Is he just tiried or is he just starting a new life? Good Luck Simon happy life, we will miss you. Bring it on Ellen, show 'em what you got!


When American Idol announced Ellen as the new judge they lost me and most people I know as viewers we dont like Ellen shes not a good choice for American Idol


Yes, I am very excited to see her guesting on this show. I have loved Ellen since her sitcom on tv. She is very funny and also compassionate. I was sad to see Paula go, but I don't think the show could have picked a more suitable replacement. You rock Ellen.


Putting Ellen on Idol is as stupid as putting Couric on CBS news. Ratings drop dead ahead.


Ellen will kill this show if it doesn't die by itself.Has she ever expressed an opinion on anyone,anything,ever?Annoying to the nth degree.Go away already.

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