Elin Woods' Painful Choice: Will She Leave Tiger?

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She recently rejected his overture at moving back in after a tumultuous cheating scandal shattered their marriage, but Elin Woods hasn't changed the locks.

Tiger Woods may not be living in the Windermere, Fla., home he technically shares with her, but he has been visiting there. Is a full reconciliation to come?

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No word on how long the open-door policy has been in place, but "as of this week," Woods has been coming and going regularly. Will she take him back?

In fact, the embattled golf star stopped by Wednesday, before he worked out with a trainer at a local country club and was spotted running in the area.

With his first public statement to come tomorrow, the masses are wondering when he'll be back on the course - and if he'll be married when he returns.

Will scorned wife Elin Nordegen Woods stay or go?

No matter what Elin does, she will be criticized and second guessed. How loyal can she be to a person who clearly didn't show her the same (or any) respect?

The ultimate question awaits her, and there is clearly no easy answer. If there was anyone who didn't deserve a second chance at marriage, it's Tiger Woods.

Look at the list of mistresses. It's not short.

On the flip side, if he has gone through sex addiction rehab, maybe he really is a changed man - and maybe it's worth sticking out for the good of the kids.

You tell us: Elin Woods should ...


If she wants to respond I can tell her about that kind of sickness
I'm 74 years old and regret everyday what I did and I'm glad to have cured myself of it. God Bless you and hang in there.


"No matter what Elin does, she will be criticized and second guessed. How loyal can she be to a person who clearly didn't show her the same (or any) respect?" Truer words were never spoken. No matter what she does or what she decides their will be critics. Only she knows what is in her heart and if she could ever trust him again! People should leave her the hell alone and let her make a decision even if if takes YEARS to do it. I, for one, would not want to make it, children or not. I made my decision when I knew about only one affair so what does she do when it comes to upwards of 11 or 12 separate women? Time is what she needs and no one should expect an immediate decision. I, for one, respect her privacy and would support whatever decision she makes. After all it is her life and the lives of her children.


It' doesn't matter. Apologies or no apologies. Life has it's own ways to handle each one of us. Nature has rules will when you break you suffer the consequences and some sins will not go unpunished. How do you hurt a person you once claimed you were in love with that badly. Tiger, lock yourself in a room together with your wife, be sorry to her coz you betrayed her, take up your responsibility of loving her and your children. All worldly treasures are vanity, vanity, vanity, vanity.


Any woman who has the job of babysitting a man's penis has a 24 hour gig... She will always be suspicious of his whereabouts and communications. If he doesn't answer his phone, get in on time, go where he says he's going, etc., she'll be wondering... She won't have peace of mind living under those conditions.
Screw sex addiction therapy.... This is about love and respect. If he had any of the two for his wife, outside sex wouldn't be an issue.
He doesn't owe the world an apology. We all know what's up. Save your apologies for the one's you hurt---none of us have felt the sting of his betrayal.
Endorsements.... Money comes... money goes.
Life will go on... and so will golf, with or without Tiger Woods.


I think she is going to take him back, not because he deserves it...is because she is thinking about her children. Being cheated on is painful but I think is going to be more painful in the future when her children ask her why their father is not with her... and maybe she still loves him who knows, but if Elin is going to take him back, she should make it harder for Tiger.


whatever she decides to do, she has earned the publics respect for her dignity, grace and dedication to her children in wake of her husbands exposed lack of the those same principals. may she have Gods blessings on whatever path she chooses.i have watched and admired her grace under fire,the dignity with which she conducts her life, especially with many examples of fame at any cost shows, blogs and news items of those that cannot claim any.her dedication to her children is a blessing in this society that see and do explotions of children at whatever cost.


Mrs. Woods will continue to follow her own heart, and consider what is best for her family,not just what is best for Tiger.This young lady has held her pride,respect and self-dignity in tack for months.She has not courted the media and has shown grace under fire.Whatever decisions that she make will have to be her own.She has lived and learned more in these past months about the directions that she want her life to follow.I trust her judgement!

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