Duggar Kids Save Little Girl's Life

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Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are often criticized for having too many kids. But if the stars of TLC's 19 Kids and Counting didn't have such an enormous brood, a six-year-old Arkansas girl might not be alive today. Think about that!

Two of the Duggar sons, Joshua and John, are being hailed as heroes after family members said they helped save the life of a girl injured in a car crash.

A three-car pileup happened in front of Joshua Duggar's car dealership, Fort Smith, Ark., TV station KHBS reports - and it's a good thing he was there.

“I thought it was a fender bender, no big deal, happens quite often here actually," Joshua Duggar said. "Then I realized there was a little girl involved."

The airbags had been deployed and she wasn't wearing a seat belt. Joshua called 911 immediately and then brought the unconscious girl into his office.

Great job, Joshua and John ... we know you're in there somewhere!

She was not breathing, so he and brother John started CPR. Paramedics showed up and with the Duggars’ help, they were able to revive her!

“They realized there was something blocking her airway. She had been eating, and it caused the blockage of the airway,” Joshua Duggar said.

The girl, Maddye, is hospitalized in critical condition, but family members say she wouldn't be alive today if it wasn't for Josh's quick thinking.

Not that he takes any credit.

“The Springdale paramedics did a phenomenal job," he said. "I was just a piece of the puzzle, a very small piece at that. I'm just grateful."

Maddye was flown to Arkansas Children's Hospital in Little Rock, the same hospital where the 19th Duggar baby, Josie Brooklyn, was born.


wich one is the girl i feel soo bad reply back plzz


The family is really remarkable and inspiring. However, it is my feeling now that 19 is the magic number for the family.
Be thankful for the kids they have and stop now. The family needs their mom and it was too close with number 19.
I sure hope they just count their blessings and do not have any more children. Nancy


THG---THAT's a STORY!!! Way to GO,Josh & John and springdale paramed's! HEROE's One and all!!(Just ask Maddye). Speaking of which: Get well soon,Maddye! Sorry about your accident,but very glad you made-it! Duggar Family--congratulations--Your doing one hell of a job! Josh,I dig the humbleness---But,I hope you don't mind if I speak on it? Make no mistake---This was a GREAT THING you did here! Way to get involved! Your folks should be very proud of you! Later;Hollywood


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