Dr. Conrad Murray to Surrender Imminently in Michael Jackson Case

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Dr. Conrad Murray, Michael Jackson's embattled personal physician, will likely turn himself as police prepare to file charges in connection with the King of Pop's death.

According to TMZ, Murray is already in Los Angeles (his home base is Houston) and plans to surrender to the authorities Wednesday morning in an L.A. courtroom.

The Los Angeles County District Attorney will almost certainly charge Dr. Conrad Murray with involuntary manslaughter, and that may happen as early as this week.

Charges would have to be filed before any court appearance, so if Murray plans to surrender tomorrow morning, the D.A.'s office may charge him at that time.

Many times, defendants (or their lawyers) arrange for a surrender, rather than face the costly, embarrassing spectacle of being arrested and taken into custody.

Worst. Doctor. Ever.

It's unclear if Murray will be released on bail when and if he is charged.

Dr. Conrad Murray will almost certainly enter a plea of not guilty to involuntary manslaughter (or whatever charge he faces) and begin preparing his defense.

We say this because he has already retained a new attorney, J. Michael Flanagan, who successfully defended a doctor client for fatally administering Propofol.

Murray's use of the anesthetic to treat Jackson will form the crux of the D.A.'s case that he be held criminally liable for the death of the music icon June 25.

The Michael Jackson investigation has taken half a year to complete, and officials are determined not to blow it. It should be very interesting to watch unfold.


I have a bad feeling about what's happening. Already dr. Murray got special treatment being handcuffed while he KILLED MJ. Back in 2003 MJ surrendered volontarily and was still handcuffed. The police deliberately put the cuffs high up just to hurt him and they locked him up for 25 minutes in a flthy men's room. They made fun of him by asking if "he liked the smell". Around 90 policemen raided and ransacked his home. He had to pay the highest bail ever. They treated him worst than a SERIAL KILLER and he was INNOCENT. I don't believe justice will be done, because I don't trust the LAPD or the DA (TOM Sneddon was one).


we all no dr conrad murray KILLED Michael Jackson so he SHOULD get sent dwn its he fault he shoudn't practice medicine nymore he dnt deserve it n wateva da judge says in court it still wont be gud enuf for him he disgusts me n makes me sik i ave no respect for him he dnt desreve dat either he shud be sentanced 4 lyf we dnt need him killin nymore ppl we luv in dis world he crossed da line


This doctor may never spend a day in jail. If the put away every doctor that made a mistake , there would be about a third of our doctors in jail. Im sure he has Insurance for someting like this. But since it was given at home it might void his insurance. You know, Michael must of liked this doctor to let him in his personal life and tell him about his secret addiction. Addicts dont want anyone to know how bad they are, so he must of really trusted this doctor to stay by him as he sleep everynite. It is so crazy. Te doctor that convinced MJ that this was safe should feel guilty and responsible for the rest of thier life. I surprised this didnt happen before now. The reports say he used this off and on for years


Dr Murray had his own financial problems and didn´t care MICHAEL as much as he should have been. It´s SO unprofessional knowing the situation to leave Michael alone with propofol, for 45 MINUTES! And HE was on the PHONE. HE SHUD GO TO PRISON WITHOUT A DOUBT


Idk. It seems like Dr. Conrad should be responsible for MJ's death, because he was the one to administer his drugs, however MJ had still been dealing with emotional scars throughout his life starting from childhood. Perhaps Mike voluntarily took his own drugs???? Who knows... Im not siding with anyone. God rest MJ's soul!


he should never work as a doctor again...he should go to prison for along time....


He should lose his lisence for giving MJ Drugs

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