Dr. Conrad Murray Charges Not Enough, Joe and La Toya Jackson Incoherently Claim

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The involuntary manslaughter charge filed against Dr. Conrad Murray in the death of Michael Jackson wasn't nearly enough to satisfy the late icon's father, Joe.

Following Murray's arraignment on Monday, a disappointed Joe did what he does best - went on Larry King Live to ridiculously say that Michael was murdered.

Joe Jackson never met a microphone he didn't like to babble nonsensically into, and somehow managed once again to make Michael's sad death all about him.

The Jackson family patriarch said that Michael's death was part of a larger plot and Murray got off easy. Michael's sister La Toya issued a similar statement.

Here's Joe Jackson on Larry King Live last night ...

Attorney Brian Oxman seconded that the reckless administration of Propofol by Murray would constitute second degree murder for any victim not named MJ.

Never mind that the charge came after a six-month investigation and that there was clearly no intent by Murray, however careless he was, for Michael to die.

Yesterday, Katherine Jackson, Michael's mother, labeled Murray a monster. That he may be, but a murderer in the eyes of the law is quite another matter.


I grew up listing to the Jackson Five music and have alway been a fan of Michael even when he was going through his legal problems. I know that anyone who as a profesional Doctor who studied medicine and understands that giving any person a certain drug, that he knows could cause the death of that person should be held responsible. Professionals when making decisions use consequential thinking. I am one hundred percent sure Doctor Conrod Murray used it before giving Michael Jackson that lethal dose of medication, he knew he could have caused his death if something went wrong. Now it is time for him to pay for his actions. involuntary manslaughter is not enough he murdered someone and knew he possibly could before giving him the lethal dose. I believe the courts should upgrade the charge to second degree murder and allow the Doctor to pay for the consequences of his actions.


look people joe was not crazy for what he said an the person who wrote this story is a moron. look here is the thing michael was murdered they can call it anything they want but he was murdered that doctor knew what he was doing. as a doctor he could of said no. if he gets 4 years he is getting off to easy. an th family should fight for michael they owe it to him to get justice for mj. if i could an i was in charge that doctor would die a slow painful death. or maybe death is to easy he should get life with out parole. he took a angel out of this world an now he should pay an i can only hope the family will keep at this til justice is served. now ask your self what if this was your family wouldnt u want justice?


Back in the nineties, when Michael was going throug his first trial,Toyota was standing behind that old, ancient old man that she was married to Gordon something or other.She actively acused her own brother publicly of what he was already being accused of, she even went so far as to say negative things regarding Joseph,but she was particularly harsh regarding Michael.Who knows what kills the love that you have for your family,but Toyota is a money-hungry publicity hound.Her family let her back into the family as Gordon beat her to a pulp,while trying to make her strip at a club.The family welcomed her back,and she went back home and has been as docile as a kitten until now.Other than DR.QUACK,she is now accusing unknown persons regarding Michael's untimely death.I am not surprised to Toyota attends every function there is that pays a tribute to Michael.She can not help herself, she is so publicity hungry that she would attend the opening of an envelope.


I actually thought the Jackson family was crazy stirring the pot as they do, until I heard their legal counsel's comments. Now I'm beginning to understand why the family is so incensed. I had read that Michael Jackson wouldn't let his family visit him for the last few weeks of his life, but thought this was for the usual reasons - the family always bothered him. Though he looked fantastic in This Is It, I'm beginning to wonder if there was a back story as described. Interestingly, when LaToya Jackson first claimed 'murder' right after Michael Jackson's death, Dr. Drew Pinsky, supported her. Oxman's explanation supports why Pinsky would agree with LaToya. I think it'll just get uglier, unfortunately.


Nice dye job Larry.

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