Did Dr. Conrad Murray Cover Up Evidence?

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Dr. Conrad Murray may have hidden and tried to cover up the means by which Michael Jackson died on June 25, according to law enforcement sources.

MJ received his final, fatal dose of Propofol through an IV in his leg, and Murray told cops he administered only a very small amount of Propofol: 2.5ml.

But Dr. John Dombrowski, a noted anesthesiologist who reviewed the LAPD file for detectives, tells TMZ that 2.5ml couldn't even put Jackson to sleep.

Let alone kill the man.

The autopsy report, to that end, notes the level of Propofol found in Jackson was equivalent to what is found in "general anesthesia for major surgery."

So what is Conrad Murray not saying?

Bad Doc

A small, empty, 20 ml bottle of Propofol was found in the bedroom, but a secret compartment in a nearby closet contained numerous bottles of Propofol as well.

Along them? A large, empty, 100ml bottle with a large tear in the rubber stopper. A tear in the stopper is made to connect an entire bottle of Propofol to the IV.

If this is done, the doctor must use an infusion pump to regulate the flow of Propofol, or else the patient could easily OD. There was no infusion pump found.

Law enforcement sources believe Dr. Murray may have used the 100 ml bottle, then either tried regulating the flow by eyeballing it or letting it flow by itself.

Either way, that would be reckless, as Dr. Murray himself said he left to go to the bathroom at one point (see related Michael Jackson death timeline dispute).

If Dr. Murray did indeed empty the full 100 ml bottle into Jackson's system, that would be 40 times more Propofol than the physician said he administered.

No word if the prosecution plans to argue this in Dr. Murray's involuntary manslaughter case. The doctor has been charged, pending a preliminary hearing.


Ola , eu sou Africano e cheio de raiva pelo o senhor Dr Carl Muray
a lei nos estado unidos de America nao e justa. alguem que para com a vida de um grande rei , rei da musica nao so , rei do pop mais e o rei da musica em todo mundo. homen que deu grande contributo na enconomia Americana, homen caridozo e, denfenssor dos direito dos pobres homen que teve a conduta lima em toda sua via , amigo de todo mundo , filho de africa achao serto o doctor ser condenado so a 4 anos ? de prizao ? eu nao gostei America faltounos grande respeito no os faa e seguidore de Jackson . se eu fosse o juis daria uma cadeia perpetua ao Muray ou , condenaria-lhe a morte , pelo que ele fes.
meteu o mundo em silencio Muray tirou-nos a vaidade que nos os faa de Jackson tinhamos . mais isto nao ira ficar assim a justissa sera feita pelas maos dos seguidores de Michael Jackson.
familia King of pop unida para sempre.


blah, blah, blah


Dr. Murray murdered Michael. He should be charged with first degree murder. He couldn't have been so stupid to have done what he did all out of negligence. He had a motive. I believe he was commissioned to kill MJ. Dr. Murray is just the fall guy.


Murder she wrote.
Allow me to quote Dick Gregory who said:
"Doctors make the best assassins."


Conrad Murray may have started off being a physician,but ended up
being a "mad scientist" with his own laboratory and Michael as his experiment.We will never be able to imagine what Michael's last few days were like under the careless calculations of this quack,who avoided the common courtesy of speaking to The Jackson
Family after Michael's death by skipping town.By all indications,Conrad Murray shows the appearance of someone out of The Twilight Zone,no emotional attachment to what has happened in this bizarre,yet tragic death of another human being.


That doctor killed michael. how could he be so stupid!

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