David Archuleta and Jordin Sparks: No Air, Lots of Talent

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Not so fast, Aaron Kelly!

While American Idol viewers are already comparing the aforementioned season nine contestant with David Archuleta, the former runner-up proved this week that he won't be replaced without a fight.

The talented young singer took to the stage with Jordin Sparks at the 2010 Jordin Sparks Experience, a pre-Super Bowl event held at Miami Beach on Wednesday night. Don't they look adorable together?

The former American Idol alumni performed a duet to “No Air," the single Sparks originally made famous with Chris Brown.

Could she have replaced Brown with anyone more opposite from him? We doubt it. This, of course, is a big compliment to David. The day he beats his girlfriend is the day Jon Gosselin starts caring about his kids.

Watch the pair entertain the crowd below.


Thank you very much for this article; I agree with every word. No one can replace Mr. David Archuleta, and he and Jordin complimented each other quite well. And you're right..there couldn't be two more opposite personalities than David Archuleta and Chris Brown.


EPIC duet by two of the most talented young artists today.
I'm sorry, but David Archuleta is incomparable because he
has this special and unique quality to him that's hard to
describe. Aaron calls himself "legend-in-the-works" and that
alone separates him from David, who is the epitome of humility
and selflessness.


This is sooo good! Love their voices together. Great song, two great singers=magic.


Very well said everyone I couldn't of said it better myself! Bravo to u all!!! :-)


i agree. these two are not only very talented, but very sincere special people who care about others less fortunate. they certainly do deserve more attention and coverage, but, sadly, most of the media only likes to report on the bad stuff that celebrities engage in. it's shameful, but true. as long as jordan and david's fans stick by them forever, they will have very successful careers.


There is no way you can compare anyone to David. In all the years I have been listening to music, I have never heard a voice and heart come together as it does with David. The combination cannot be duplicated. David and Jordin sang beautifully together. They ooze talent and soul...with huge hearts to match. I agree with Astrid!!! These are the kind of celebrities that should be receiving more adulation for everything they are, and everything that they do!!! Goodness through and through!!


Thank you for this. I love these two.. even if I love David more! They're extremely talented and fine young people too. Enough of celebrities behaving badly, already!! These two deserve more attention!


Well said!
The duet was surreal and David could not be replaced!


and here's a vid from the evening performance...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yd_Avi...


Personality wise, David is like the male Taylor Swift. They both come across as very young, innocent and sweet. Fortunately, he sings a bit better than Taylor aka the "voice of her generation".

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