David Archuleta and Jordin Sparks: No Air, Lots of Talent

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Not so fast, Aaron Kelly!

While American Idol viewers are already comparing the aforementioned season nine contestant with David Archuleta, the former runner-up proved this week that he won't be replaced without a fight.

The talented young singer took to the stage with Jordin Sparks at the 2010 Jordin Sparks Experience, a pre-Super Bowl event held at Miami Beach on Wednesday night. Don't they look adorable together?

The former American Idol alumni performed a duet to “No Air," the single Sparks originally made famous with Chris Brown.

Could she have replaced Brown with anyone more opposite from him? We doubt it. This, of course, is a big compliment to David. The day he beats his girlfriend is the day Jon Gosselin starts caring about his kids.

Watch the pair entertain the crowd below.


kent: I agree with everything you wrote. As for the naked woman and man, well, I guess they don't have any real talent so they must resort to exposing themselves to get attention. As for Adam Lambert, I did not watch last season, so I can't comment on his talent or lack thereof. In comparison though, David is a complete natural. He doesn't need hair dye, nail polish, makeup, or an outlandish wardrobe, and, while on stage, no half naked dancers or flashing lights are required. In fact, David accompanying himself on the piano or singing a cappella is all it takes to completely transfix an audience.


David's fans knew he was destined to do a duet with Jordin and they did not disappoint. Two beautiful voices, two beautiful spirits. Wonderful blend, powerhouse vocals that gave each other room to "do their thing!" It is great to see these two friends showing the world that you can be a celebrity and stay "real" and use your platform responsibly. Let's enjoy the positive press and ignore all the negativity going around? How refreshing. Thanks to 2 amazing artists for the joy this brought!


what is even better about this video is the fact they didnt get to rehearse, because it was NOT planned, and they still did that great! LOL! The performance the next night was even better.


At 2:49, I thought there was an explosion. Explosion of power vocals!! Wow, each gives space for the other and still makes wonderful harmony. These young singers give hope for the future of American music when today's music is full of craps and singers who CAN'T sing. Then, I moved my eyes to the right side of the screen. The pictures of a naked girl with huge breasts, Lambert with his gross tongue hanging out, a half naked guy with a stupid pose... I lost my appetite.


They only wish that he would even come close to David. They want to compare him to David to get there ratings up. If they can say they have another Archuleta they could help the ratings. Sorry guys its not going to work, there is only one Archuleta. I love the duet with Jordan and David can't get enough of it.


They sounded amazing together! No one can replace David although they keep trying.


I luv David, this duet is awesome and David is amazing in EVERY way (I don't think someone being able to sing better than Miley should equal "talent" like what David has). I wish Jive would wake up and have Jordin sing a duet w/David on his next cd, and a nice tour together would be epic!


David & Jordin sound amazing together! They are both very talented and genuinely nice people!!! Neither David or Jordin would ever be involved in bad behavior!!


Sorry for the typo. That was No one can SING betta.....


You MUST watch the evening performance, which was even better. No one can betta than David Archuleta! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v...

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