Danielle Staub Would "Absolutely" Pose for Playboy

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Please tell us this isn't the new fad for aging, talentless Real Housewives that are neither real nor housewives.

First, Bethenny Frankel posed naked for PETA.

A Real Housewife of NJ

Then, Kelly Bensimon took it all off for Playboy.

Now, Danielle Staub is threatening to expose the world to her birthday suit. She just needs the offer.

"If Playboy asked I’d say ABSOLUTELY. It’s something I’d really like to do, especially as a woman of 47," she told Hollywoodlife.com.

The totally fake reality star is busy shilling for a new book that only truly insane people would purchase titled (aptly) The Naked Truth. It comes out in May and, naturally, Staub thinks a Playboy pictorial would be the idea way to promote it. 

“I feel better than ever,” she said. “I really spent most of the past year and a half connecting with myself and my kids at different levels.”

And with reality TV producers, she forgot to add.

Tell us: Do you wanna see Danielle Staub nude?


I don't even like looking at her fully clothed.


Personally, I don't read Playboy because it's garbage but I'm pretty sure that guys all over the world would be a bit disappointed when they open up the pages and see a worn out and dried up old bag looking back at them. Who is Playboy going for next Rue McClanahan?


well I am a 42 year old female so it's not nor would it ever be at the top of my list but ewwwww.....I know there is more to life than looks but come on, she's very unattractive and too old.


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