Crystal Bowersox: From Farmer to Singer

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She's a long way from a farm in Ohio now.

As one of the rumored 24 semifinalists on season nine of American Idol, Crystal Bowersox has made a home for herself in Hollywood for a few weeks.

The former country gal is actually accustomed to the urban life, as she's lived in Chicago for a number of years, playing the guitar, building a career as a folk singer and raising a little boy.

Crystal cites Janis Joplin. Aretha Franklin, Bonnie Raitt, Melissa Etheridge and Sista Otis as musical influences.

Below, you can watch and listen to her perform on stage and offer your critical take on her prospects: Might she be the next American Idol?

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I want to buy her album now, i don't want to wait. I keep playing her over and over. I agree the rest of the talent is not the greatest. The last two years had better talent but this year is Crystals year and she does not even have to win.


Crystal is one of the best talents to ever grace the Idol stage. She's top contender to win, as far as I'm concerned. Her "Farmer's Daughter" shows her talent as a songwriter of depth, and her performance of it moves me. She's AWESOME!


Crystal Bowersox should not only win 'American Idol' b/c her talent is 1,000 times better than the others, but she is too good for this show. The other singers are TOTAL crap this year! Ellen adds NOTHING as a judge. This show is on it's last leg. Even Simon seems like he's in a fog. Crystal s/b recording right away. Any record executive should have her signed now.


Crystal has raw talent and an amazing story along with a humble spirit! These 3 combined is the recipe to succed in American Idol! She has my vote and looking forward to see her grow & rise to the top.


This girl can sing! And she knows Chicago! Love it!!!


Will be buying the album!! What a talent! She's up there with the greats!!!!!!


Just wanted to let Crystal know she is an inspiring singer! I've already made my own ringtone with my blackberry and hear her sing everytime someone calls!!! STAY sooo down to earth as you are, you've already made it! We love you!


Just listened to Farmers Daughter....WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!! what a story she tells in these lyrics. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!! I can hardly wait for her album.


Elliston, Ohio...Ottawa County


I hope Crystal wins...Im in India and cant vote. But I really love her voice. Good Luck

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