Crystal Bowersox: From Farmer to Singer

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She's a long way from a farm in Ohio now.

As one of the rumored 24 semifinalists on season nine of American Idol, Crystal Bowersox has made a home for herself in Hollywood for a few weeks.

The former country gal is actually accustomed to the urban life, as she's lived in Chicago for a number of years, playing the guitar, building a career as a folk singer and raising a little boy.

Crystal cites Janis Joplin. Aretha Franklin, Bonnie Raitt, Melissa Etheridge and Sista Otis as musical influences.

Below, you can watch and listen to her perform on stage and offer your critical take on her prospects: Might she be the next American Idol?

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I'm from Australia so i can't vote but if i could i would definitely be voting for Crystal over and over again. I really hope that she wins, but with her talent and spirit even if she doesn't win, she will definitely be successful.


Just wanted to show Crystal my support. I saw something in her when I first saw her gold ticket audition. Since then she has never failed to impress me with her talent and wonderful spirit. I join with alot of others in saying I can't wait for her first CD to come out. I drive everyone here crazy watching and re-watching each of her performances. Her orinignal song " Farmers Daughter" is one of the best songs I have ever heard. If that song does not fill you with emotion then somethings wrong. I wish they would just go ahead and crown her with the title so she can start making music for us all to buy. No one else is even in the same league as her.


If anyone can get a word through to Crytal Bowersox, she ought to sing Fast Car by Tracy Chapman.
Bowersox can push that song out better than Chapman and it's a great song. Go to; for a listen.


Crystal has the talent and voice to win this year. If anyone can
get this to her, have her listen to a song by Norma Tanega from
1966 titled "Walking My Cat Named Dog." It would be perfect for her and I bet she would knocked the judges out of their seats by performing it.


check out sista otis on the web, christal's influence amazing


who is sista otis, crystal's influence? check her out on the web amazing talent


who is sista otis? check her out on the web amazing


check out sista otis on the web just type her name great stuff


Check out Sista Otis too, Crystal's Good Friend and Musical Influence. just type sista Otis and all kinds of info on her on the web.


remember everyone we have to vote for two hours when it gets down to the nitty gritty, we need parties and we need to exhaust our lil fingers for crystal, nows the time to rally the troops, in a couple of weeks it will be very lets do it......

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