Crystal Bowersox: From Farmer to Singer

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She's a long way from a farm in Ohio now.

As one of the rumored 24 semifinalists on season nine of American Idol, Crystal Bowersox has made a home for herself in Hollywood for a few weeks.

The former country gal is actually accustomed to the urban life, as she's lived in Chicago for a number of years, playing the guitar, building a career as a folk singer and raising a little boy.

Crystal cites Janis Joplin. Aretha Franklin, Bonnie Raitt, Melissa Etheridge and Sista Otis as musical influences.

Below, you can watch and listen to her perform on stage and offer your critical take on her prospects: Might she be the next American Idol?

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Regarding the comment made by DOG...
Ever heard of the saying, "If you can't say anything nice don't say anything at all"?
Why did you even bother to write that? Are you so "DOG UGLY" yourself that it makes you feel better? Keep you negative thoughts to yourself..I'm sure your'e Mr perfect, right?
And obviously you have no recognition for talent because you're a looser! RUDE!


its about survival and she compromises what she must to care for her child. most of the negatives in choosing this path are just minor collateral damage in the long run. they cant take away her passion for singing. so she can put her gradual distance between the perception we are forced to have of her and what she wants use to see in her gift once the contractual obligations are fulfilled.


I don't know if Crystal reads these posts, but I thought she might like to know that Janis Joplin's astrological twin - me, also an unorthodox singer, a female tenor - finds her utterly bewitching. (I am also an astrologer of many years experience, and have a chapter about Janis in my book.) Crystal, August 4th is one of my favorite dates in the whole year; keep your Leo Sun shining, your Leo heart true to everything you love!


Judy, maybe what you are seeing on Crystal's face is her not being sure that she wants to win AI. Maybe she feels that in a way she has sold her soul. She is too rare a butterfly to be hawking for Ford. I understand that she and her son have to eat, but when you sell your soul to AI, they own you and your artistic integrity. I guarantee that she cannot do and say everything that she might like to. My heart is with her, and I hope she can continue to maintain her artistic integrity in spite of everything.


Crystal is a beautiful gift to us all.I hope she doesnt win,actually.Allow me to elaborate. She WILL get a contract from someone,and if she doesnt win they wont have as much control over her and she can be herself.She is an awesome natural talent and I hope she continues to do what she was obviously born to do.(Shallow people's opinion's don't matter)


re: Dog. yes, Im sure she's real concerned about your thoughts of her. What a loser.


missing teeth, fat, she is Janis Joplin at best. get some teeth bleaching strips.


Crystal Bowersox is my favorite singer on this American Idol season. The girl just so humble, she just doesn't realize the gift that she was given. Smile girl and fill the room with even more sunshine, and sing your heart out. We will always be watching you shoot to number one in this contest.


My whole family loves Crystal and have no doubt she will win this year's American Idol. On the last show Ellen said she needed to find new adjectives to desribe Crystal and the one that comes to mind for me is "encaptivating." I would have guessed that Bonnie Raitt was one her mentors and hope to hear her doing some of her music in upcoming shows. We have watched every season of AI since it started and Crystal is the most unique, honest and real contestant to ever grace the AI stage. She certainly knows who she is, and I hope for her and her adorable little boy that she takes it all the way, stays well and keeps her chin up because she certainly deserves to win this. You Go Crystal! My whole family adores you!


Crystal is AWESOME! My whole family loves to hear her sing. She
truly places her heart in each performance. And she actually does
much more that present a song she brings a song "to life!" Crystal
is so unique. Truly has a God given talent. God Bless Crystal and
her baby and family. Go Crystal you will be the next American Idol!

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