Crystal Bowersox: From Farmer to Singer

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She's a long way from a farm in Ohio now.

As one of the rumored 24 semifinalists on season nine of American Idol, Crystal Bowersox has made a home for herself in Hollywood for a few weeks.

The former country gal is actually accustomed to the urban life, as she's lived in Chicago for a number of years, playing the guitar, building a career as a folk singer and raising a little boy.

Crystal cites Janis Joplin. Aretha Franklin, Bonnie Raitt, Melissa Etheridge and Sista Otis as musical influences.

Below, you can watch and listen to her perform on stage and offer your critical take on her prospects: Might she be the next American Idol?

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where is America s ears? Crystal Bowersox sings TERRIBLY.


Mike says, Crystal has a raw tanent ,you just want to hear her sing she will go far and she deserves it :)


Crystal your awesome ....oh and dog go back to sucking on some more sausage!!!!!!!!!!!.Haters suck!!!!


Crystal, you are beautiful and look very humble. You will be the next Ameriacn Idol. But please remain to be humble, that is your beauty.


I have it on good authority that "Don", who posted here on March 29, loves the cock. So much so that all the thrusts to his head have turned what little brain he once had to mush, hence his worthless opinion. Crystal will win, deservedly so, and it will be because the majority of people who appreciate talent will vote for her, much to the chagrin of jerks like Don-boy.


Crystal is absolutely amazing. I just want her to keep singing and never stop!!!!


its already a done deal. she is winning


There is only one reason to keep my eyes on tv: crystal! She is amazing, She is really a rare crystal!i cant wait to hear her voice playing around... even here in brazil ITS NOT ABOUT BEATY, ITS ABOUT BEING AN ARTIST.


Crystal reminds me of the back woods. She will make enough money to fix her teeth, but that doesn't fix her performance which is lacking. I know she will get a record deal and those who enjoy folk music will be thrilled but on stage she has alot to be desired. She is the Gomer Pyle of American Idol


I really like Crystal but I hope she will do more than just stand on a carpet. I can just see tht carpet being hauled from one idol concert to another. I think if she wins, it will be boring because she will take the spot and sing three of her songs and they will blend as one. Folk singing is really just singing without stage performance. I guess she will let the audience sing along. That is why I hope she begins to change the way she performs.

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