Conrad Murray to Plead Not Guilty

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He's agreed to surrender, the infighting has ceased and Conrad Murray will be arraigned later today.

The doctor suspected of recklessly injecting Michael Jackson with sedatives is expected to plead not guilty to charges of involuntary manslaughter.

According to TMZ sources, he will arrive at the courthouse at approximately 1 p.m. PST, with the hearing scheduled for a half hour later. The L.A. County Sheriff's Department will send along more deputies than usual, out of crowd control and safety concerns.

Bad Doc

Bail will likely be set at $25,000.

Once this is paid and the arraignment concludes, Dr. Murray will leave the city and head to either to Las Vegas or Houston.

If any of these details change, we'll let you know. But this is the first step in what's likely to become a circus of a trial. THG will be there every step of the way.

** UPDATE: Murray has officially been charged. According to the criminal complaint, the D.A. alleges Dr. Murray:

"Did unlawfully, and without malice, kill Michael Joseph Jackson ... in the commission of an unlawful act, not a felony; and in the commission of a lawful act which might have produced death, in an unlawful manner, and without due caution and circumspection."


Why did Doctor Quackson live with Michael.It's hard enought to find a doctor to make a housecall, more less live with you in your large rented mansion.Doctor Quackson says pleads not guilty,
what about disappearing right after Michael's death,flying the coup, and going to another state.Under "normal"circumstances a real M.D. would be there to talk with the family,and try to comfort them in their loss.Michael was victimized in life and death by doctors.There were doctors that operated on his face until he was looking like a mannequin, and then the doctor who injected him one time too many."Got to be there" when they finally throw the book at Dr.Quackson.


guilty?ov wat? hes no mor guilty dan da ilegal alien at jack in da box dat gives u wat u ask 4


Wow...this is...yeah...Murray knows what he did...this makes me sick. Whatever...**walks out of article**


Michael Jackson's mother said he kept a million in cash under his bed that disappeared around Michael's death. I wonder if this creep took the money, michael discovered it, and he was then killed when he confronted him.