Connection to Songwriter Might Pose a Problem for Didi Benami

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The live performances have scarcely begun, but controversy has already enveloped this season of American Idol.

Semifinalist Todrick Hall was embroiled in scandal last summer when a Tennessee production he played a role in never actually aired any performances, depriving the families involved of money.

More recently, Chris Golightly was booted from the top 24 (and replaced by Tim Urban) because he had signed an exclusive contract with a boy band.

Now, one of THG's early favorites might be in trouble: Didi Benami has a connection to judge Kara DioGuardi that some might say gives her an unfair advantage on the show.

Didi on Stage

Didi Benami possesses a unique sound and a genuine stage presence that makes her among the favorites on American Idol.

Benami has worked with Jason Reeves, a man she referred to as a “magical genius collaborator" and thanked on her MySpace page last April. The pair wrote the single "Pretty Fool" together.

Who is Reeves? A friend and songwriting partner of DiGuardi's.

Would this affilation have any actual bearing on the competition? It's unlikely. But as the most popular show on TV, American Idol must be extra careful about any appearance of favoritism. This is a situation worth keeping one's eye on.


Yeah, Vered/Didi/Verediddy/ whatever should leave, but not because of singing Kara's song or knowing someone connected to Kara. She should leave because she's not a very good singer.


so what if she has worked with jason reeves? she deserves to be in idol. and she worked hard for it. for sure she somehow wowed you just as she wowed the judges. chris golightly was removed from the competition because he kept signing an exclusive contract a secret. while didi's issue is an open secret. she didn't even try to hide it. i'm still a didi fan! go didi go!


Didi is a very talented singer/songwriter. I don't have an issue with this at all. I will keep voting for her because the last thing I want to see is Katie or Haley be an American idol. Terri must have a friend or child on the show this season.


i agree completely with ltk55 and Whatever! there's a reason Didi is a favourite, and that is because she has real talent, not connections. so what if she "knew" Kara, she deserves to be in the top 24 and got there purely on talent. :)


Um, so what!!! This is so dumb. Non-issue. It's inevitable that there is some degree of separation between these singer-songwriters ... but just b/c they share some friendship doesn't mean jack! Stop making a story out of nothing... I agree w/you ltk55 100%!!! Honestly, I didn't even read your response until I just wrote mine and you mentioned the same thing about 6 degree of separation!!!


I can't believe how ridiculous it is that everyone is making a big deal of this. Didi is just one singer who worked with Jason Reeves probably once or twice, and they likely don't know each other very well. Jason Reeves is just one singer/songwriter who has worked with Kara. Do you know how many singer/songwriters there are in Hollywood, all of whom have probably collaborated with each other in one way or another? Kara's huge, she's probably worked directly with hundreds of people, and she hasn't even worked directly with Didi. This whole thing is pointless and silly. If we're going to play six-degrees of separation, everyone is probably connected in some way. Jordin Sparks KNEW Randy directly before she auditioned for American Idol. That is way shadier than this. Everyone should stop making this such a big deal! It's like in a season that is relatively free of scandal, all of this fake "controversy" is intentionally being stirred up.


Well, I for one, have a real issue with this. She should be asked to leave as there is an obvious conflict! She collaborated with a man who wrote a song with Kara (a judge) and then Didi sung the song during Hollywood week??? She made it though to the next level based on this song. Then she sucked up to Kara by saying "IT was so much fun learning your song" boo-hoo. Dont tell me that Kara didn't know about this too. SO unfair. SHE NEEDS TO LEAVE or Idol has zero credibility.

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