Commercial Appeal: Megan Fox in Underwear

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Of all the Megan Fox pictures available online, it's difficult to choose the more attractive.

But if this beauty's pictorial for Armani underwear doesn't represent the best example of why many consider her to be the sexiest woman alive, it would at least get honorable mention. Very honorable mention.

Along those luscious lines, the following video is more of a must-see than the series finale of Lost.

It's simply a 30-second look at Fox in lingerie, as the camera pans all around the body of this gorgeous actress. But, really, what else do you need?


No way is she the sexiest woman alive, those 'toethumbs' while sucessfully hidden give the illusion of perfection, when exposed wow gross (sort of like her personality).


There is nothing to say: When you've got it like that---words are not needed...Meagan is so on-fire here,that I'm thinking of investing in an asbestos screen for my pc---just for safety's sake(Ha,ha!) Seriously though---Great Job Meagan and Armani. Living proof that sometimes---less is more(or quite a bit more in this case)...Later;Hollywood


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Controversial Actress
Megan Fox is best known for her role in Transformers and, well, for being absolutely gorgeous. This is an actress on the rise. She often... More »
Megan Denise Fox
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[It will ]be a badass movie. It's just going to be a popcorn-visual-spectacle, summer film.

Megan Fox [on Transformers 2]

I really enjoy having sex. I’m young and have a lot of hormones. I’m always in the mood.

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