Cocaine and Alcohol Cited for Reasons Behind Charlie Sheen Rehab

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According to his rep, Charlie Sheen has entered rehab as "a preventative measure."

The associate wouldn't elaborate on this reason and we may know why: sources say Sheen is trying to prevent a further relapse into cocaine and alcohol.

Charlie Sheen Party Poster claims the Two and a Half Men star has fallen back into the dangerous habits that led to a pair of previous stints in treatment centers. For the sake of his family, Sheen had no choice but to step away from his sitcom for a few weeks.

“He loves his children and ultimately that’s what convinced him to get help,” an insider said.

Friends say the Christmas Day confrontation that has led to charges against Sheen was fueled by a bender both he and wife Brooke Mueller were on. Each had been partaking in drugs and alcohol that night, allegedly.

“But the partying didn’t stop there. He’s used coke and been drinking many, many other times since then," the source said, even adding that Sheen got high with Mueller the night before she went into rehab.

It's unclear what the future now holds for this couple, but this much in undeniable: Two and a Half Men is incredibly lame and unfunny.


James, your comment brings up 2 issues for me, the first being that the day after Brooke made her "call for help" and had Charlie arrested even though when both were declared legally drunk, her more so than him, they still sided w/her, she admitted that she lied when she said he threatened her life at all, much less with a knife so that alone makes your point mute but regardless of that the other issue I have with your comment is the part asking where was the same outrage for Charlie that was directed at Chris Brown for "defending himself and his car??". So you simply think Chris Brown got flack for defending himself and his car, not beating his girlfriend? That right there shows me your beliefs and views on the subject as Chris Brown was arrested and given the "outrage" for abusing his girlfriend, period. You don't defend your car by hitting any person, male or female and clearly he wasn't defending HIMSELF against her as we know from the trial and verdict.


I find Two and a Half Men funny. I find Charlie Sheen's real life incredibly unfunny and lame. But I wish we had concrete evidence instead of "he said, she said." I tend to believe the women. They are acting like abused women would act: finally getting the courage to say something, then later backing down, playing down the scenario and even getting back together with the abuser. If Charlie Sheen truly is an abusive a-hole, and it seems likely that he is, I am incredibly disappointed, speaking as an ex-fan of his.


I don't agree with exploiting the kids but I don't recall Denise being in rehab MORE THAN 1, 2, 3 times...Charlie needs soem serious help...and a vasectomy.


You have NO sense of humor if you don't find Two and a Half Men funny... one of the best shows on television!! Brooke has lost a lot of credibility with her own rehab stint and then asking the judge to modify the restraining order. And Denise is no better of a mother than sheen is of a father -- she paraded those girls all over E! Disgusting.


When this show first came out I thought it was awful..Its been on for a while so i thought maybe I was wrong never watch it though..but thought it was great these stars were back on top I do hope one day he can over come his addiction but hooking with someone who is just as week as you is no good so that relationship is toxic


and I wonder now if his ex-Denise was telling the truth at times. Nice to ruin 2 more kids lives..both Charlie and his wife are real winners...


his poor orphaned kids....


Drugs and alcohol are no excuse to attempt murder on your wife!!! Where is the same outrage that was directed at a 19 year old chris brown for defending himself and his car???

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