Chris Brown & Naomi Campbell: Together For Haiti

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Haiti relief efforts will not cease ... nor should they.

Naomi Campbell was the latest to pitch in, throwing a Fashion for Relief runway show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Among the attendees? Chris Brown.

Scarlett Johansson, Nude Dress

So many violent thoughts together in one place. At least it was for a good cause this time. Earthquake relief tops thrown phones and pummeled ex-girlfriends.

Helena Christensen, Selita Ebanks, Agyness Deyn, Kelly Osbourne, Malin Ackerman and others did their thing on the catwalk, sure. But Chris Brown in a tux?

That really got the audience going.

Chris Brown, Naomi Campbell and others united for Haiti.

"[Events like this] are definitely important, not necessarily for me," Brown told E! News. "It's important for Haiti because you get a chance to see artists and entertainers and fashion icons come together to do something nice for a good cause."

"It's very humbling being able to come and help, it's nice to see."

Nothing you can say negatively about that classy attitude, or the collaborations by so many celebrities to help this case, such as the We Are the World remake.

Rachel Zoe pulled together the 92 looks for the fashion show, including the moving finale tribute to Alexander McQueen that had the models holding back tears.


Lovergirl U R SO RIGHT. My heart aches for this nice young man who had a SPOTLESS reputation before the satan worshipping rihanna came into his life. BUT, he is acting the fool by coming into contact with the insane Naomi. She can't get a man, so she's looking for a boy now. A gullible boy she can use. HE DOESN'T NEED THAT. HE WILL END UP IN BIG TROUBLE AGAIN, BY NOT CHOOSING THE PEOPLE HE LET'S INTO HIS LIFE MORE CAREFULLY. MICHAEL JACKSON IS DEAD FOR THAT SAME REASON.


OH please!Alot of you people are jerks.Don't be so hard on Mr.Brown.Despite his actions he is still a great person.You actually expect him to walk around beating up people each day?Well it seems like you do.You can't judge a person because of what the did.Now you are a "beater" of people's act like he doesn't get on the internet and finds this stuff about him.You notice that none of you had anything bad to say about him until this happened?You had no ill will and you didn't wish bad things upon him.don't act like you haven't.We all know that hitting a woman is wrong,but a woman is the reason for a lot of bad things with the help of the devil.You know it happened in the bible?The book of genisis?My christians know what I'm talking about.if you want to get into heaven you have to believe in jesus,God and never hold a grudge against anyone.Including chrs brown or anyone for that matter.Please believe me a 13 year-old girl.God is love.Peace is happieness.


Oooh, they pretended to be nice people for publicity. I'm so impressed.
Ha. Not.


Smh @ some people...
@Yes, Agreed! A good thing for a good cause! Miss Campbell and Mr. Brown look great in that photo!


They did a good thing for a great cause... Get over it!!!


Two people with reputations for foul tempers mugging for the camera. Charming.

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