Chris Brown & Keri Hilson: Reportedly Hittin' It

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A year to the day we reported on Chris Brown's arrest for beating up Rihanna before the Grammy Awards, could the singer be romancing a new R&B diva?

He's already collaborated with Keri Hilson musically, and last night, Chris "was all over" Keri at the Axe Lounge at Liv, where Diddy was hosting a big bash.

While Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush celebrated the Saints' big Super Bowl win, Chris was apparently looking to score a touchdown himself. Eh, eh?

He and Keri were "grinding each other" on the dance floor, reports say, and Chris even made a request: "He insisted on her being in a photo with him."

Now that's a big deal!

Thugz Gotta Move On

Run for it, Keri Hilson! Chris Brown's creepin'!

The two left together, along with a group of friends. No word from either of their reps as of right now, but Keri posted the following on her Twitter page:

"LMAO paps think they slick!! Gone ask CB & I to tk a pic on carpet then asked da crew if we datin!! LHLAB so, no! I'mma let yall know now :P"

Okay, then. We'll consider that a denial ... maybe.

As for Rihanna, she hosted a party at that same venue just two nights earlier. We have nothing funny or significant beyond that, just pointing it out.

She's also dating Matt Kemp, most likely.


i agree hey cb and keri make a pretty hooooootttttttt couple....


hes human he made a mistake quit acting like all of you are perfect he hit 1 woman that doesn't make him a woman beater that's charlie sheen lmao although I love his show Two and a Half Men and some of his other work if there mistakes don't affect me I really shouldn't care what they do it doesn't affect me :)


ithink that they are a horrible couple if the went out with each other =\


okay lets talk about charlie sheen, senn penn terrence howard bebe winnans don the soultrain man tommt lee god rest his soul james brown mary j blije all of the football player who beat their wives and matt kemp who have been in dv and have record of it because he is going to beat her stop try to make like he is all that because he is not he is a abuser so what you need to tell your princess if she was working for disney she would be fired that she jump out the frying pan into the skillet and stop worring about chris because he is not going that routh again and who ever he date is his business and they would make a nice couple


so what let rhinna do her and let chris do him every time you say something about chris you keep saying he beat her okay but you have to realize one thing everytime you mention it we think about rhinna hitting him first and now everybody knows this he try to keep a lot out but the media trying to discredit chris so much that while they knock him down they are knocking rhinna down leave this alone everybody is sick of it she have come up because of it okay so move on lets start on charlie sheen now thats headline chris was 19 charlie is a old man lets talk about how he beats all of his wives and still doing it grownassman
let start calling charlie beat a bitch charlie


let chris move on welove chris lets talk about charlie sheen terrence howard sean penn who goes on oprah


I too am sick of this 19 year old being forever linked with that loser he chose to date as a teenager. Everyone has the right to put their past mistakes behind them, and that includes Chris. Chris and Keri would be too hot together, but even better with Ciara.


Who cares if they dating?? its about time my boy got a woman i think they look cute if they are dating i love chris brown with every fibre and his happiness makes me smile


right on me says the media made a big deal out of this situation chris apologized over and over what else do they want in order for them to move on I don't see them bitchin about Charlie Sheen or the Penn dude just F*** off


...behind anysay dere must b an atom of truth... but i believe rihanna went 2 far..since dey were bot luvd in luv..

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