Charlie Sheen Charged with Trio of Crimes

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No one on the planet is thankful for the existence of Dr. Conrad Murray... but if anyone could find a silver lining in that physician's involvement in Michael Jackson's death, it's Charlie Sheen.

That's because Murray's arraignment today on charges of involuntary manslaughter overshadowed the fact that Sheen was also in court.

As a result of his Christmas Day confrontation with wife Brooke Mueller, the actor was charged with three crimes in an Aspen court: felony menacing, misdemeanor third degree assault and misdemeanor criminal mischief.

Sheen did not enter a plea.

The judge did relax the protective order that has been in place against Charlie since December 25; he can now communicate and have contact with Mueller.

The couple embraced each other at the conclusion of the hearing and Sheen is due back in court in March.


Amazing how you can threaten your wife, or any woman, with murder, or bodily harm, and it's a "misdemeanor." Guess we can see that the men who made and enforce these laws are, well, MEN and not WOMEN. Women would never categorize crimes like stalking, death threats, or menacing as misdemeanors. Those crimes need serious penalties and mandatory jail time.


Kind of getting tired of all the attention Sheen hs been getting. It's a shame really.

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