Casey James: American Idol Jailbird

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When Casey James auditioned for American Idol in Denver, he was asked to remove his shirt. The judges, especially Kara DioGuardi and Victoria Beckham, wanted to take a close look at this contestant.

If only producers had done the same.

Radar Online reports that James has a criminal background and has actually served time in county jail. His offenses include: driving while intoxicated, driving with an invalid license and reckless driving.

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In November 2001, the aspiring singer pled guilty to reckless driving, was fined $200 and spent 30 days in jail.

Then, in December 2002, he was arrested for DUI and operating a vehicle with an invalid license. He pled guilty again and was sentenced to 105 total days in jail.

Does this make Casey a bad person? Of course not. But you'd think American Idol would avoid featuring any contestant with a criminal record, even if he does have a body that DioGuardi and Beckham openly swooned over.

James isn't the only rumored semifinalist with a scandalous past. Todrick Hall came under fire a few years ago for possibly scamming a few families out of thousands of dollars.

Should Idol cut James loose? You tell us.


Funny all you girls who are defending him for his "talent" *cough* Claudia *cough* The guy had to take off his shirt to get through. So much for talent. By the way his body isn't even that hot. It's average and boyish. No pecs or definition at all.


The RULES of the show are that you are disqualified from competing if they find out that you have a criminal past which you did not initially tell them about. If he filled out his paperwork and told AI about all of his prior convictions, then it doesn't matter what he did in the past. If he lied about it and didn't write that he had ever been in trouble with the law, then that is a different story. Some of you bloggers and commenters should make sure you know what you're talking about before you start judging someone.


He looks like a fine young man who has learned life the hard way. I believe he was in the hospital recovering from an accident years back and almost lost everything. He definately has talent and is very cute to look at.


Casey is a great singer...people who judge others should take a look at themselves...Take time to see your own shallow life and do something about it!


Seriously, what are the American Idol rules. SusanInFlorida who is so quick to judge. Do you even know? He paid the price for his crimes, and it was so long ago the statute of limitations has even expired. Wow, who did you know that didn't get through?


He did these things years ago. How many people do stupid things in their past, grow up and live productive lives? We are so quick to judge. If he screws up today, well, that's a different scenario...


Rules are rules. If this dude wants to violate the laws, then, Idol should ban him from their competition based on their own rules and regulations. Cut him a break just because he can sing? Hellllllllllllllllll noooooooooooooooooo! There are plenty of other singers without a criminal past who can and should replace him. Why reward his bad behavior? Send him to rehab and let's forget about his drunken past or his chances on AI.


compared to Todrick Hall..his crime wasn't really that bad..and besided..if he can sing..let him sing..


SERIOUSLY!!!!! Gives-a-shit just left the building. If the guy can croon then let the audience decide if he stays or goes!! What they need to do is get rid of Mrs. Beckham as a judge.....wasn't she the Spice Girl who was only good at showing off her legs?? Not much talent needed there. I think Simon should start thinking with his big-head and stop thinking about putting his 'pickle' in her knickers.


Whatever! Who cares misdameanors over 7 years ago...Let's run your stats..

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