Casey James: American Idol Jailbird

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When Casey James auditioned for American Idol in Denver, he was asked to remove his shirt. The judges, especially Kara DioGuardi and Victoria Beckham, wanted to take a close look at this contestant.

If only producers had done the same.

Radar Online reports that James has a criminal background and has actually served time in county jail. His offenses include: driving while intoxicated, driving with an invalid license and reckless driving.

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In November 2001, the aspiring singer pled guilty to reckless driving, was fined $200 and spent 30 days in jail.

Then, in December 2002, he was arrested for DUI and operating a vehicle with an invalid license. He pled guilty again and was sentenced to 105 total days in jail.

Does this make Casey a bad person? Of course not. But you'd think American Idol would avoid featuring any contestant with a criminal record, even if he does have a body that DioGuardi and Beckham openly swooned over.

James isn't the only rumored semifinalist with a scandalous past. Todrick Hall came under fire a few years ago for possibly scamming a few families out of thousands of dollars.

Should Idol cut James loose? You tell us.

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When someone does their time in jail, the penalty stops. THus we should stop penalizing people. If we do, then there are far too many people out there that are going to be out of a job and on welfare because their past. Who has a parking ticket. Well should it be held eternally against us too. There is a line somewhere.
This was 10 years ago. Get real. He didn't steal from someone. I don't care much for DUI people, but when they finish their time, it is finished. End of story. It is a singing competition not 'who is an angel' show. Those without sin cast the first stone. Grow up.


NO they need to keep him hes the best one on there.


There was another contestant that openly talked about his 4 birthdays in jail. He was allowed in the competition ... so what's the problem?


Its interesting reading all of your opinions. Granted we are all entitled to our own opinions... I know Casey from a personal perspective, he's a good friend of mine. We live and learn from our mistakes, he's not the person this article is making him sound like. He honestly deserves to win AI, he works very hard for it and yes, he should be treated equally like everyone else. He is a very kind-hearted person and true musician. Let him be, love his music and be happy for him. I am sure you would be saying the same things if it was someone close to you and you wanted everyone to know the truth.


Ok guys, seriously. That was years ago and i mean he can really sing. And for all you know, he mihgt have told them but it was never mentioned on the show. Ya-ever think of that?


Good Grief! He was a kid. And, I'm sorry, But everyone was a young adult before and has a past that they may not be so proud of. Some just didn't get caught. Casey is an awesome singer. It will be a GREAT shame if something like this that happened SEVERAL


thats so ridicoulus!!! casey is a friend of my husbands they went to school together and he is a decent person if he was a bad person my husband wouldnt be friends with him!


I would watch AI just to look at him even if he couldn't sing, BUT HE CAN! So what if he's been in jail before....makes him a "bad boy" SEXY


I think Casey's bringing something new to AI. I've never really been into it before, as I was disenchanted by the throngs of teen-pop esque singers - but seeing a blues musician with Casey's vocal range, musical ability, and style has kinda piqued my interest; in being a blues musician myself. If his prior convictions were reconciled, and they're within AI's legal terms and rules, I don't think it'd be right to boot him. Does anyone know if he has any music up elsewhere? I'd like to hear more of his tunes.


&&&&Baby you can drive my car.&&&& No Way.
He's going to be "hitting the road" but it won't be with American Idol.