Brittany Murphy Foundation Does Not Actually Exist

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There's just one problem with the Brittany Murphy Foundation, the just-launched charity Simon Monjack started to honor his late wife: It's not an actual charity.

The Brittany Murphy Foundation is a foundation in name alone, according to a TMZ report, as state and federal records indicate that it simply does not exist.

Mr. & Mrs. Monjack

Monjack and Brittany's mom Sharon launched foundation (the website of which is conveniently down for maintenance) and began soliciting funds last month.

Touted as a charity dedicated to arts education for children, the Brittany Murphy Foundation is not registered as a charity with the IRS or State of California.

So basically, it's the Simon Monjack Slush Fund Foundation.

The late Brittany Murphy's husband is a bad seed.

The California Secretary of State's office has no records of the organization as a nonprofit. The IRS says the foundation has not filed for a non-profit license.

Per U.S. law, any foundation soliciting money has to disclose the fact that it is not registered as a nonprofit. You know, so it doesn't try to cheat on its taxes.

What do you expect from a dude with the nickname Conjack?

The foundation had no such disclosure or any record of existing as of Friday. Its site was conveniently "down for maintenance" an hour after the story broke.

Larkin Rivero Management, where donations were directed to be mailed, had no comment. Monjack called off the first big fundraiser at the last minute.

Shady, shady individual. That's all we have to say.


This girl is one amazing psoern shes my bestfriend and i couldnt ask for noone better to spend my time with outside of school and you where right she is loved by many people but me and her go way back we cheered togeather and we have had the most fun with each other. BRITTNEY I LOVE YOU WITH ALL HEART baby girl.. for us to be grad this next year is crazy but im glad i get to spend the time of our lives with my best friend.. u are very pritty and noone can look at these pics and see what i see and cry about it i love u so very much




He killed her...


The poor woman is dead so she has no worries anymore. As for her bizarro husband who should be sent back to the UK pronto, and her mother, who gives a rat's petooti.


He's fat and lazy. In 99% of the photos of them together he does not look in love with her. He looks like he's faking. His expressions are all reserved and strange looking. She was fooling herself about love and was rebounding from Ashton Kutcher having left her.


Swanee, the commenter wouldn't have to actually know someone to have an informed opinion based on what she saw and heard with her own eyes. Anyone who saw Monjack and the mother interviewed on Larry King could tell there was something very wrong with their story. If someone was on the verge of collapse from pneumonia they would be in pretty obvious distress for hours before they actually died, short of breath when they spoke for example. Why Monjack or the mother didn't call 911 or take her to the hospital before she actually collapsed is concerning. Enquiring minds want to know. Monjack looks like a junky. That is an observation. I've seen pictures of him where he's dripping sweat. I know he was hauled off an airplane in extremis and discharged from the hospital the next day. He says from heart trouble. Nope, wouldn't be discharged in under 24 hours if he was that sick from heart trouble. You don't have to know people to have eyes and ears and common sense.


@ VsWilson and Nicolerita: Did you know the deceased and her family in person, or are you making ignorant assumptions based media reports like most of the other non-entities who care about this pap? The Foundation website is down, likely to correct these errors. Her family would have to be the biggest idiots on the planet to think they could get away with a fake charity. IRS is GOD. ...and it takes a special kind of F&#*-Tard to come up with the scenario you've created here. Get a life.


Monjack---Listen up!!
Brittany was a lovely young lady not the girls gone wild type.
You are completely "Clueless" if you think for one minute,that we were going to let you get out there and discredit Brittany's memory. Here's a "Murphy's" Law to you. Never marry a person for
their money, you can borrow it, much, much cheaper!!Take the time
to honor Brittany's memory,get yourself a JOB,and that way you won't be trying to squeeze the life out of everything that she left behind.Get that JOB,that will keep you from being JUST OVER BROKE!!

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