Bret Michaels on Miley Cyrus Duet: I'm Not a Dirty Perv!

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On Rock of Love, Bret Michaels had more sex with desperate groupies than Heidi Montag has had plastic surgery procedures.

As a result, it shouldn't be hard to grasp the controversy surrounding the rocker's duet with 17-year old Miley Cyrus, especially when the lyrics on "Nothing to Lose" include:

We both know better than this/Still we can't resist/Slowly get undressed/Won't you fall down on me/So close I can feel you breathe.

Still, when asked about the scandalous song, Michaels told Us Weekly "it's blown out of proportion." He elaborated, explaining how the duet came about:

"[Miley's] like, 'This is an incredible song, it's beautiful. Maybe I could [add] some stuff to it, some harmonies,'" Bret said. "She was excited that she didn't have to follow any rules."

Miley Helps

As for telling a girl that's not yet old enough to vote to "slowly get undressed?"

"I never sat down and said, 'Look at the content. Look at the lyrical content,'" Michaels said. "The part where it says she slowly gets undressed, Miley says, 'Yeah she does.' It has no reference to her and I. It's not even a duet."

In conclusion, the long-haired reality star makes no apologies:

"As God is my witness, there is nothing I have to be defensive about. I'm a good dad. I just thought it was a beautiful song."

It's not bad. We just hope Miley showered multiple times the day they recorded it together.


people you need to grow up.their is nothing wrong with two people singing a song togeather. my bother Perry Richadson has sang with many young ladies in the past and msy still sing with some who are many ueas younge than him. oneday he might even sing with miley because he is in country music. BRET and MILEY have not gotten married and are not having sex that i know of infact from what i know personaly of her DAD he would kill BRET.YES Billy if you are reading this is Terri from myrtlebeach, i use to be friends with kristen lucky. i dont belive from what i got to know of you that you would allow anything else to take place and i belive you were their whill they were recording. BEST OF LUCK TO BRET AND MILEY. i hope and pray the song makes it to the top of the charts. Terri


forget miley bret should be ashamed. And how does Daddy cryus feel about this???? doesnt he give a damn his daughter is growin up to darn fast?


Yo miley u fucking whore why u trying 2 lock up brett for u fucking cunt


Yo miley stop fuckin wit our heads u such a whore still hate you




Listen youngsters thankfully uneffected by the shear grossness of this musical pairing. It's not that people think the nearly fifty year old and smidge older than jailbate singers are a romantic couple. The problem is an mature adult finds it repulsive that a middle-aged man taps the vocals of a teen for such a song. Bret may not be in tune to the words he wrote and recorded...but other mature adults are. Definitely not appropriate. Also a total lack of respect by the Cyrus camp for her pre-teen fans. This is not's a train wreck!


Its just a song. People don’t have to be so danm dramatic. WORDS ARE MORE THAN ACTIONS.


umm ew tht is gross... but who cares? its Justin Biebers 16th b day!!!!!!!


These idiots that apparently think these pervish thoughts when they hear or see Miley ( and her little sister, for that matter) need to be slapped...THG is loaded with pervs that are apparently obsessed with sexing Miley up & they call her the nasty one....simply because they are looking at her as though she is their sexaul target....get your minds out of the gutter, you sickos


it's not bad she is so good at the song even if she add something to the song that make it more better keep up all the good work miley:).

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