Brangelina Going Strong on Valentine's Day

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Haters try to keep them down, but Brangelina keeps on shining.

Angelina Jolie has not only donated money and time to Haiti, she bought partner Brad Pitt an olive tree - a symbol for peace and longevity - to mark Valentine's Day.

The star - who raises six kids (possibly with baby #7 come in order to save their love) with Brad - will surprise him on the romantic day with the 200-year-old plant.

A source said: "Angelina bought it from a nursery called The English Garden Centre in Valbonne, near their house. It's a very special tree and cost her a fortune."

Olive trees symbolize peace, longevity and stability and it is believed Angelina has bought the plant for Brad to cement their love and quash recent split rumors.

Brangelina Love

Brangelina haters, step off. Don't believe the hype. This love is the real deal.

The couple put on a solid show of unity at the Super Bowl in Florida on Sunday, taking their eight-year-old son Maddox to watch the annual NFL championship game.

They were also making out in public there - take that, tabloids!

The Valentine's Day gift may be an expensive purchase, but it's nothing new for pair - known for their lavish spending - who donated $1 million to Haiti relief efforts.

Who knows if the tree will set them free of speculation that a breakup is imminent, but it looks like these two may be happier and more normal than some think.

Who would have guessed?




If Jenifer Aniston can't make baby for Brad. Let him go . Why all of Jen fan jealous? It's stink! He want kids. Understand? Move on


Jen Aniston is a man no eggs


Who is Brangelina's haters?? They are looner Chinifer Manfaceton assistants, her friends and her fan. They all post negatives about this couple. But they all fail. This couple getting stronger , stronger and stronger. Shame on you,jealous bitter bitches. Move on or die alone


wat the fuck frist ur wiv jen happily married then dump her 4 angeliona then a few weeks /days u were saying u love jen y r u out wiv angeliona for choose who u wnt 2 be wiv yh u can leave the kids cuz u could see them still


I agree with "haha".. LoL


wow. i can't believe they used the phrase "haters try to bring them down" so unprofessional, no wonder you guys are just an internet site and not a real tabloid.


I am a fan and no I don't think they are about to break up soon. I don't think there will be baby no 7 just yet - because Angelina is filming the tourist starting in March. But it would not surprise me if they initiated adoption processes in Ethiopia the last time they went there for a holiday, show Z and the children Z's home country and check up on the Zahara Marley Jolie Pitt Children's Home.


Nice couple, beautiful family, I am sure they are happier than most of the pretend Hollywood who are not in the lime light. It is her money she can buy what ever she wants. Leave them alone.


If you are not rich you wouldn't understand the life of rich people, why they do what they do and the presents they give. No one knows Brad better than Angie. He wanted kids and she gave that to him. Who is to say he wouldn't want the olive tree? There is something special about Angelina Jolie. Brad sees it and that's where he wants to be.

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