Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie Staging PDAs, Photo Ops?

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While Angelina Jolie shoots The Tourist in Paris, Brad Pitt is tagging along and playing Mr. Mom. He is also appearing in photos with her a lot more than usual.

Just yesterday, Brad hung around while Jolie shot a café scene, then rushed over to her for a romantic kiss - with the paparazzi watching - immediately after.

Separate Lives

Is Brangelina staging photo ops as a way of going on the offensive against the tabloids, which have been reporting Brangelina's inevitable demise for months?

If so, it's working: Star even says they're back in love this week!

"Angie has been incredibly hurt about the nasty stories about her," a source tells E! News. "She has been upset at how much of a beating she gets in the press."

As for her life partner, "Brad then gets very defensive because she couldn't be more different than this evil witch that she's portrayed as in some of the stories."

MR. MOM & PDA: Brad Pitt's new persona to protect Angelina Jolie.

The source continues: "Angie's a kind, humble and dedicated mom. Brad wishes people would see they're just a normal couple who love each other and their kids."

Yeah, but that's boring. People want Jennifer Aniston mind games gossip!

With that said, Brangelina may be realizing that if it bothers them that much, the way to handle the celebrity gossip world is give it what it wants - on their terms.

A once PDA-shy Pitt knows negative rumors sell first, but money shots where he and Jolie are all lovey-dovey are a close second. So ... might as well show it, no?

To sum up, while Brad and Angelina may have their troubles, and struggle to manage careers and family, they love each other and take good care of their brood.

More than you can say for most celebrity couples out there, right?


Angie is beautiful, but come on Brad is just another guy thinking with his little head, he's not the first and he won't be the last. Brad follows her around like a little puppy. I used to like his acting, but now I don't know if he is drinking or what but he does not look healthy. Lets face it Brad's career is gone and he knows it. Angie's movie used to box office hits, not lately though. This movie will be a hit, only because of Johnny Depp. PS, stop play fav child, you both have 6 kids, not 2. They both seem to give all the attention to Madox and Zahara. The other children suck there thumbs and look so confused. Brad seemed like he came from a close family, you can tell Brad's family are not close to these grandchildren, and that is unfortunate. Shame on you Brad, time to grow up put down the bottle and be a man. Your a father now.


listen only a tiny percent of the population, aka brangeloonies, think that taking two consecutive men from their wives is ok.
the rest of the public doesn't forget that she's not a victim. she chose to do what she did, and now that the public or media doesn't like her, let's do tons of pr, let's go to haiti, kiss on movie sets, reconcile with fathers, release videos...bla bla bla.


hilary and bill have also kissed, and so have john edwards and his wife, were they happy? u have to look at the way a person looks and behaves. brad pitt looks like he is in the pitts of depression, no pun intended. he looks like he has been chewed up and spit out.
that's the proof. not a kiss.


They continue to be "Mr.and Mrs. Smith",just your everyday normal couple with six children, multi-million dollar paychecks,homes around the world and the fascintion of a May/December romance of two people who have been "discribed"as the sexiest man alive,and the most beautiful woman over the years.With these combined ingredients this couple have the ability to fascinate without the need to try.Before Brad,Angelina was honest about her imperfections,and in recent years has matured and does not find the need to explain her life.Brad has the family that he wanted,
and the two of them know what they have in each other.No matter what is printed about them,they will laugh it off,or decide to sue.They will never have to prove that they "are" a couple,the nay sayers will have to be able to prove that they "ain't" a couple.

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