Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie Staging PDAs, Photo Ops?

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While Angelina Jolie shoots The Tourist in Paris, Brad Pitt is tagging along and playing Mr. Mom. He is also appearing in photos with her a lot more than usual.

Just yesterday, Brad hung around while Jolie shot a café scene, then rushed over to her for a romantic kiss - with the paparazzi watching - immediately after.

Separate Lives

Is Brangelina staging photo ops as a way of going on the offensive against the tabloids, which have been reporting Brangelina's inevitable demise for months?

If so, it's working: Star even says they're back in love this week!

"Angie has been incredibly hurt about the nasty stories about her," a source tells E! News. "She has been upset at how much of a beating she gets in the press."

As for her life partner, "Brad then gets very defensive because she couldn't be more different than this evil witch that she's portrayed as in some of the stories."

MR. MOM & PDA: Brad Pitt's new persona to protect Angelina Jolie.

The source continues: "Angie's a kind, humble and dedicated mom. Brad wishes people would see they're just a normal couple who love each other and their kids."

Yeah, but that's boring. People want Jennifer Aniston mind games gossip!

With that said, Brangelina may be realizing that if it bothers them that much, the way to handle the celebrity gossip world is give it what it wants - on their terms.

A once PDA-shy Pitt knows negative rumors sell first, but money shots where he and Jolie are all lovey-dovey are a close second. So ... might as well show it, no?

To sum up, while Brad and Angelina may have their troubles, and struggle to manage careers and family, they love each other and take good care of their brood.

More than you can say for most celebrity couples out there, right?


Neither brat nor angie dsrv one another, the sexual chemistry is all that made them be. Jen should move on.


of COURSE these 2 are breaking up! because they deserve all the pain and agony they can find! jennifer aniston is beautiful and inteligent and talented and she DOES NOT need these 2 to make headlines! those of you who think she is still hung up on brad, GROW OUT OF YOUR LITTLE SHELL!!! brad is not all what he used to be. he's ugly! while jen still carries herself with grace! why would she want brad after all hes done to her? its a simple question with a simpler answer.


People, just look at Brad; he was once handsome and happy; now he doesn't care what he looks like, and he never smiles even when he is supposed to be so HAPPY!!!!


you all envy them!!! nothing more, and from this fear that u cant be so successful, so rich, so giving to poor all over planet, so beautiful and handsome, so wanted by millions, all these fears inside u make u hate people, but its not Angie or Brad who u hate, its ursf! whenever u touch keyboard, watch mirror and think........then if u still got balls, write something intelligent, cause aliens are watching u all! love and success for Angelina&Brad PS. U just should have fear, cause their 6 kids r growing up and there will be 6 supersuccessful people with big heart, cause their parents will learn them something what u dont have clue about- pure love! Peace


How stupid who wants Jen to go back to Brad not me!!! Brad deserves to be right where hes at!!! Jen will be blessed to find someone who loves her for who she is!!! One classy lady!!! unlike the loones idols trailer trash!!!


Haters should move on. The more they bother Brad and Angie. The more Jenifer Aniston to be unwanted ha ha


The ugly jealous haters have only one job to : insult, trouble and harass Brangelina to make ugly Jenifer happy


Most of the crap news came from Chinifer Manfaceton's assistants tries to kill Brangelina happy love then Brad can go back to ugly long horse chin chin. They are dreaming. He won't ever go back to the old, ugly plastic chin chin.


How funny Brad is just around because he's afraid of karma. He want's to show the world that he is in love but he's really worried that his slute will cheat on him so he has to make his presence!! He is the loser not Jen she has gained so much more without him. She is very happy you can tell by the way she looks (GREAT)! BRAD LOOKS LIKE SHIT!!! Angie is doing this for pr, but she say's she does'nt pay attention to the tabliods1 Guess what she"s a liar! Oops we all knew that Hahaha!!! They"re are both losers!!!


Gloria has it so right.No matter what the stories and photos are, the haters will interpret them the way they want. I'm so tired of Anniston's pathtic attempts to prove to Pitt that she's sexy and desirable. She's not sexy, she never was and i think all of us would like her to move on. Why can't she let it go already?And for those who insist on their moral disapproval--grow up! This is Hollywood and the story is as old as silent pictures.It's hardly as sensational as some would like to believe.

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