Beyonce: To Bang or Not to Bang?

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There can be no debate: Beyonce is banging.

The singer is pretty much as beautiful and as talented as they come. In fact, will you help THG get Beyonce chosen for next year's Super Bowl halftime act, instead of whatever elderly band the NFL has in mind?

While we can all agree Beyonce is totally bangable, one question still remains: Does she look better with or without bangs? Compare, contrast and vote below:

Beyonce Pregnancy Fashion
A Beautiful Beyonce

How do you prefer Beyonce's hair?

After sounding off on this topic, let your voice be heard on other recent Beyonce comparisons. When it comes to fashion, there's been...


Shanyia jealous a bit? youre probly some fat ass black girl who cant get shit for friends or men


fake ass bitch you got fake ass tittes,gut,ass,nose,and hair well i be dam and my cousin corey wants to fuck your fake shit off and i say you ugly ass hore you can't sing women beater are you a man eater you got a dick hope i don't make you cry flake ass cereal ho.


i personally think she should close her legs when she sings
she should also shave under her arms
why doesn't she ever use her own hair (I know it's hers under her arms)


mmmmm she looks stunning in all

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Beyonce Booty Baby
Beyonce Knowles is multi-talented and multi-awesome! Aside from being beautiful, she can sing and act pretty well, too. Not a shabby... More »
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I don't wanna be a hot girl - I wanna be iconic.


There are responsibilities that come along with this life ... trying to have a romantic meal without someone sneaking in to film the whole thing.