Bethenny Frankel vs. Jill Zarin: Coming to The Real Housewives of New York City

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You won't believe this, but a lot of drama is coming to The Real Housewives of New York City.

When the third season of the Bravo hit premieres on March 4, it will center on a feud between Jill Zarin and Bethenny Frankel.

"This is the angriest season yet," Zarin shared with Life & Style. "There's a lot of hurt, a lot of pain."

What are those feelings based on? Sources say that Jill is pissed with Bethenny because the script calls for it she wasn't there for Jill when the latter's husband, Bobby, was diagnosed with cancer over the summer.

"It was a difficult time for me and my family, and the loss of Bethenny's friendship tore me apart," Jill confirmed.

Frankel agrees that the season ahead is "brutal," but "I don't have any hard feelings about anybody. She adds:

"I'm too happy. I have too much to be happy about to worry about what's going on with other people."

That's the selfless attitude we love! Good luck with it, Jason Hoppy.

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Kelly is dumber the all of the wives from all the shows put together. I now use the words kokadoodle do and wackadoodle to discribe people like Kelly


Love Bethany.Jill needs to jump in the bay.


jill zarin is absolutely obnoxious w/jr high behavior. she needs to have a best buddy on her side. she is sooo jealous of everyone...bethenny's success, ramona's success, alex's success. she talks behind everyone's back, and tells outright lies. very tired of her "poor me" this season. when b tried to make up she plays it on speaker like a 12 year old, saves old messages and only plays part of them. i don't blame b one bit for being done w/her. she wants to control everyone and everything. noticed her gay husband is not on this season...too much competition.


It is obvious that Jill's wrath could not be about a 3 day visit to the hospital. Jill is an obnoxious, nasty, jealous grade school bully. I have never in my life seen anything like the cattiness that is Jill Zarin. This is not grown up behavior, is this nut for real? Hey Jill...GET A LIFE, and then get a hobby. You apparently think more of yourself then half the viewers at this point. I wouldn't buy your advice book anymore then I would buy your fabric.


it is good she is out of the show, she is to feak and full or herself, she talks too much and thinks whatever she says is the god's truth and everybody should lisen and with her new show probably she feels like the last coca cola on the desert, oh well! she is just another annoying D-list celebrity that thinks of her self as an A-list, who cares anyhow?


I love how it never occurs to any of these women that someone else might be right. Jill is a control freak who does indeed need a hobby (a/k/a something to do besides micromanage her friends). Luann gets teased about the countess thing because she overdoes it. Bethenny is taking heat for having a smart mouth, because she has a smart mouth. People get exasperated by Ramona's high energy because she exhausts people. Alex's reserve makes people project images onto her: A docile wife with a domineering husband; a snob; a climber. Their egos are so fragile, they defend every personality flaw to the death. If they had taken "Get a hobby" and "Countless" out of the last episode, it would have run 13 minutes. Didn't these people go to high school, or college? Didn't they ever take a shot about their weight, grades, speeech, self-perception? It's as if they have never been kidded or insulted before in their lives, and can't recover from the shock.


I always knew that bethanny was self absorbed and catty. No wonder kelly didn't like her. She's acting up because she has a man now and is preggars. She's finally gotten what she's always wanted, so she's being her true self.


First, i love Bethenny. Second, Jill just needs to get over herself. I am a person who takes sides and Bethenny deserves to be treated better. I'm not calling her a saint, but she is the only housewife that is always being attacked no matter what she does.


I'm not surprised. Drama, drama, drama... this is a reality show, folks... would you watch the show if they all got along. Even though I don't believe a bit of it, I always watch... just like watching an episode of "Dallas" or maybe it's more like watching "Lost".


wow! I can relate to both points of view and while I would definitely be hurt if my friends weren't there for me, I think there are people who deserve that kind of rant waaaay more than Bethenny Frankel. Come'on it's not like she killed someone. Get a grip!

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