Bachelor Shocker: Rozlyn Papa Sex Tape Leaked?

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As celebrity sex tapes go, this is not one we can say we saw coming ... but given the scandals, lies and drama of recent weeks, perhaps we should have.

Rozlyn Papa from The Bachelor is the star of a new, graphic sex tape being peddled around the upstanding adult film community, according to reports.

Cute Ben

Somehow this didn't make our Bachelor spoilers rundown last night. We apologize for the omission, as it would be far more interesting than any so far.

The alleged Rozlyn sex tape is being shopped to a variety of XXX companies all over all over L.A., including, TMZ reports this morning.

Wow. We guess we can see it. It was either her or Vienna. Chris Harrison totally should have referenced this when he pimp-slapped her the other night.

Just when you thought you'd heard the last of Rozlyn Papa ...

Kevin Blatt, a man with years of experience in the industry and a rep from the website, says he saw the Papa sex tape and claims "it's definitely Rozlyn."

Blatt claims the tape shows Rozlyn Papa performing "one sexual act with a well-endowed gentleman." Well, we know it's not Jake Pavelka then. UP TOP!

A rep for Papa says the reality star has, "no knowledge of any sex tape." Then again, she denies pretty much everything else reported about her as well.

Imagine if it turned out to be real, and the co-star were The Bachelor producer she was kicked off the show for having an inappropriate relationship with.

Possible title: After the Final Hoes. Sorry. We got nothin'.

** UPDATE: Sources now say there are multiple Papa sex tapes on the market. Yes, multiple.


I wonder how many copies of Rozlyn Papa Sex Tape were spread?!
Watch it here: Rozlyn Papa Sex Tape (full version)
I ain't get no doubt it's the best thing i saw


She is a white trash skank. She needs to go ahead and put a bullet in her head.


I'll be more than happy to watch Roz gobble a huge gator when the tape comes out...why not?


go 4 another 15mins ROZ


I believe Rozyln over Chris, or any of those jealous over her beauty females in the house. This show revolves around scandal, I think they bring it on for ratings. Jake was portrayed as a smart, moral good guy, but if he picks Vienna, either he is a moron or the show is pushing him to pick her for ratings. I'm not sure I will watch any more episodes, Chris is just a pimp, as for the tape, if she is in it, I doubt she was aware of it. I hope Rozyln sues the show for defamation, she is an absolute beauty.


Is it just me or does Rozlyn and Heidi Montag (post surgery) look like twins?


Thank God Rozlyn got jiggy with the producer & got kicked off. This sex tape would have scared Jake off for good-had she not gotten the boot. Rozlyn is a skank & a liar and her 15 minutes of fame is just about up!


how about "come to Papa" for a title


well, I hope her son's life isn't in any more danger....let's hope she doesn't swear on his life about this one......what a mother....piece of trash-whore....

Free britney

nowhere yet, it's not even confirmed to be real. we'll obviously keep you updated. in the meantime, cold shower, boxer. cold shower.

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