Andrew Young Threatened By Elizabeth Edwards

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Andrew Young, the country's most famous campaign aide turned fall guy turned whistle blower turned absurd sex tape owner, is feeling the heat these days.

Young turned over the John Edwards sex tape to a judge, as ordered, but still faces questions about where the tapes were kept and what he did with them.

A Rielle Hunter Picture

The former Edwards confidant struggled to answer why he said last week that the only copies of the sex tape he had access to were in an Atlanta lockbox.

He testified earlier this week that he also had a copy of the tape elsewhere and he recently showed the video to ABC News in preparation for an interview.

On top of potential legal action from Edwards' mistress Rielle Hunter, whose affair with the presidential candidate Young helped hide, Edwards is pissed too.

So is his wife. Elizabeth Edwards has threatened to sue him for contributing to the downfall of their marriage, according to a report in the Washington Post.

John Edwards whistle-blower Andrew Young with wife Cheri.

Young's attorneys turned over several items, including a tape marked "special" that purportedly shows John Edwards in a sexual encounter with Rielle Hunter.

Young personally turned over a copy of the sex tape as well. But questions over whether there are more copies - and whether he tried to sell them - linger.

"This is all disturbing to me, and it's not a comfort to our client," said Alan Duncan, an attorney for Rielle Hunter, who has said Young invaded her privacy.

Conceding he had made some errors in previous sworn statements, Young maintains he has tried his best to detail the location of items Hunter is seeking.

"I answered as honestly as I could," he testified.

He said Elizabeth Edwards threatened a lawsuit against him under the North Carolina statute that allows one to sue a third party for contributing to a marriage ending. A jilted spouse typically uses this to seek money from their partner's lover.

"We have powerful people coming at us," said Young, who vowed to fight to prove he is not a liar (even if he is a proven liar). "Are we scared? Absolutely."

A spokeswoman for Elizabeth Edwards declined to comment.


American Baphomet Idol:
Cuckoo! Cuckoo! Cuckoo! I don't suppose the fact that Young's father was a Southern Baptist Minister could actually undermine your looney antisemitic screed... Never mind.


RE: American Baphomet Idol: I see that the crackpots are out in force tonight. To bad that such drek has to appear on my computer screen just because American Batshitt Idol wants to spew it.


"I answered as honestly as I could," he testified. Jeez, guy should run for elected office with that sort of non-answer and inability to remember if and where other copies of the tape exist. Surely he'd be a shoe-in for whatever political career choice he wanted.


Andrew Young is an opportunist. He tried his best to cover up the dirt for John Edwards while Edwards was in power because the Youngs hoped that they would make it to the White House with the Edwardses. Now since Edwards is out of the game, Andrew Young flipped his side and turns against Edwards in order to cash in from disclosing whatever juicy stuff he knows about Edwards. What has prompted his 180 degree change? Principle, friendship and loyalty mean nothing to him compared to monetary gain. Truly despicable.


Edwards probably had a case of blue balls, but he must have been blind to bang a scum faced ho like Hunter. Geee, that type must be some ugly shit!


Elizabeth lied to the American public about her husband's "family values" (cough cough) during his campaign. She already knew he was an unfaithful creep but thought it was OK to abet his lies. They both get exactly what they deserve now: no respect from any decent person.


I just read The Politican and Game Change and while John Edwards comes across as a total narcassist, Elizabeth Edwards comes as across as a really mean, spiteful person-a far cry from her St. Elizabeth persona. I also know someone who worked on Edwards' campaign in 2008. She said the same thing about Elizabeth and added she was "unstable". It doesn't excuse the fact her husband cheated on her, but the woman really should be ashamed of how she treated people.


Give Elizabeth credit, the lady is an attorney,and she knows the law.
ALIENATION OF AFFECTION, You show em Elizabeth,I know you are tired of all these riff raffs walking all over your egg shells.
Andrew Young may have written "The Politician", but now you are throwing the book at him. Show em all what you are made of,that you are a survivor,use what know, and knock that smirk off Andrew Young's face.You go Girl!!


Go easy on John Edwards. No doubt he wasn't getting any sex from Elizabeth. He needed to turn elsewhere. It's not his fault.


Although it is not common, Andrew Young has set himself up for this lawsuit. I've never heard of anyone in their right mind doing the things Young claims he did. Go Elizabeth! Good Luck!

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