Ali Fedotowsky: The Next Bachelorette?

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Fresh off her drawn-out, not-at-all-staged departure from The Bachelor, rumors that Ali Fedotowsky will be the next star of The Bachelorette are already surfacing.

There has been no word from ABC, but it seems like a done deal.

Everything is lining up for this to happen. First, Ali became a fan favorite. Then, she voluntarily left the program, only to beg to come back on that fake phone call.

All a clever ruse to have Ali leave at the peak of her popularity, make fans think she coming back, only to have her "rejected" by Jake and leave us wanting more.

The only question is whether ABC offered her The Bachelorette spot ahead of time and orchestrated her whole "work-related" exit or if that part was actually real.

Either way, Ali Fedotowsky will be The Bachelorette. Bank on it.

Do you think Ali Fedotowsky will make a good Bachelorette?

The PR tour has already begun, albeit subtly. The announcement may even come during this coming week's "Women Tell All" reunion special. Gotta kill that time somehow.

Yesterday, Ali told Ellen DeGeneres that she would be "flattered" if asked to star on The Bachelor sister series. Host-pimp Chris Harrison says "she definitely has a shot."

"I think she would be a fantastic Bachelorette. I like women that have loved and lost, have learned a lesson, and you have Ali, obviously beautiful, a very down-to-earth, career-driven woman who learned a great lesson about love."

Loved and lost? She left, then pretended to want back on the show 40 seconds later! A great lesson about contrived reality TV is more like it, but more power to her!

Is Ali Fedotowsky a good choice as The Bachelorette?


Nancy, I think it's either done by ones that love to have junk on TV and don't know what is real entertainment. Or the ones that sit on facebook continuously and make sure they notify one another so they hit every area there is on the net to make known they get what they chose-- be it lousy or not. But if the networks start to listen to all this then they will see that ratings will drop drastically. Most normal viewers will not have the time to even search all this out to bother with signing up or clicking on votes. I and my numberous different family members will just switch over to some other more entertaining programs.


If her job wouldn't give her time off for the Bachelor; how is it going to let her off to do the Bachelorette? Tells me that she faked the whole thing just as I suspected!!


How did the results for this quiz change dramatically to yes from No in less than 24 hrs???SET UP??? Ali is the worst, definately won't watch if she's picked.TOO MUCH ANGER,NASTY GIRL

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