Ali Fedotowsky: Returning to The Bachelor?

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Will Ali Fedotowsky return to The Bachelor after her dramatic, not-at-all-staged exit on Monday's "shocking" episode? All signs obviously point to a contrived yes.

Ali, a 25-year-old advertising account manager with Facebook in San Francisco, Ca., abruptly left at the end of this week's Bachelor episode to return to her position.

After Fedotowsky's boss gave her an ultimatum - quit the show or lose your job - Bachelor star Jake Pavelka wouldn't "guarantee" he'd give her the final rose.

So Ali up and left ... but for how long?!?

"We haven't seen or heard the last from Ali," host / pimp Chris Harrison says. "I think everyone saw that it was unresolved when she left. You could tell that they both definitely were falling in love with each other, if not already."

"Tey're definitely not done talking about this with each other."

Ali Fedotowsky and Jake Pavelka

SO SAD: Chris says Jake "has strong feelings" for Ali Fedotowsky.

"Jake said it was tough to watch her leave again last night," Harrison recalled. "I asked if he considered promising Ali that she was the one so she would stay, and Jake said, 'Well, she wasn't the one. She was one of the front runners.'"

"He said she needed to decide on her own and he didn't want to be desperate and beg, but he really didn't want her to go," and Ali certainly struggled with the choice.

"She loves her job and we tried to make it work, but in the end her boss said you've got to choose," he says. "Do you want to do the show or do you want your job?"

He adds that fans shouldn't give her a hard time: "You want to be the romantic, but you can't fault her for loving her career." Especially not in this economy, right?

That leaves Vienna Girardi, Tenley Molzahn and Gia Allemand fighting for Jake's final rose ... unless Ali makes a surprise return, as hinted in next week's preview.

Who should Jake Pavelka choose on The Bachelor?


Karen: I agree that father - daughter bond with Vienna and her dad is just plain weird.


Does anyone see a scripted show here? Remember the same story line on the bachelorette! Too much drama this time, I don't know if I will watch after this season. I thought Jake was a real nice guy and very handsome but if he sees something in Vienna he has no taste! I liked Ali, but I'm sure when you sign up for a show you have to sign a contract and let you work know how long you would need to be gone. I'm just not buying the "story line".


I agree to some extent with all the previous comments.......Ali, hitting the floor and then looking up to see if Jake was watching...A BIT MUCH!!! Vienna and her WACKY dad (I would be concerned if I was the mother) WEIRDO's and why would Jake want fake boobs.....way over-rated!! And then there is Gia......with the Taro Card reader for a mom......."no, Jake, stay away, far away from that that leaves Tenley with the squeaky voice......and little girl giggle......too sweet, I think her X might have wanted more of a woman?? Jake, start over, go fly your plane and pick some flight attendant? They might have more of a life than the last four you have to pick from!! GOOD LUCK!!


no Alli if she comes back all I have to say is goodbye to this show!!I thought it was weird with Jason & molly now this..She knew coming on to this show there also was your job and she made the choice to be on it now she was worried about her job..Big suckup... Tenley all the way she's the only woman with class!!!


omg!!!!why does everyone want ALi to win!!!! shes awful. can't you see thgat the whole "crying-whimpering feel-sorry-for-me collapse-on-the-hallway-floor-and-hope-jake-sees" thing was a game she was playing?? oi plus she is umbelievably awful to Vienna. vienna's starting to grow on me. I'll take her over Ali. even though ali used to be my favorite. I hope Gia wins.


Come on for_real_tho, you sound as catty as some of the women on the show. The guy is a real gentleman something you don't know anything about evidently. I hope he picks Ali. She started out being jealous and it really showed. But now her focus in on Jake, which it should be. Women can be vixons when it comes to their men.


they need to wrap it up, already...this guy is a bore, as well as most of the ladies on the show...I see why he ends up with Vienna, the others are reallllly boring, super fake and catty...IF someone seems too good to be true, they probably are....Tenely even talks in a fake girly voice, while she daintily tip toes in her too too, lol

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