Alex McCord: Out of The Real Housewives of New York City?

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Try to hold back the tears, reality TV fans:

Alex McCord and Simon van Kempen are reportedly out of The Real Housewives of New York City. Sources tell The New York Daily News "there are a ton of reasons they aren't being asked back" for a fourth season of the Bravo hit.

Alex McCord on Halloween

Such as...

"Viewers don't have a positive reaction to them, so they're easily replaceable at this point," an insider said, while Simon himself doesn't deny the rumor, saying:

"We have not had any discussions regarding a fourth season."

Moreover, the newspaper says the couple doesn't "really fit in with the other wives," while Simon threw a "hissy fit" when he discovered he was paid less than everyone else.

"Simon wants to be an equal on the show, but that doesn't really make any sense to Bravo," the source said. "After all, he's not a ‘Real Housewife,' now is he?"

No, he certainly is not. Then again, we're pretty sure neither Bethenny Frankel nor Kelly Bensimon is married... or real in any sense of the word.

The third season of The Real Housewives of New York City premieres on March 4. In it, "Alex picks a lot of fights, and it looks like it's an attempt to keep her story line relevant," said the insider. "But it ended up seeming inauthentic."

As compared to the rest of this totally believable, not remotely scripted show, of course.


I hate to see her go, wish she would stay and get rid of Kelly and Jill. I've said it before and I'll say it again " If Kelly and Jill stay I will not watch next year."


Alex don't leave you and your family are the best on the show , Alex you always made everything right out of all the other so called ladys you are a true lady !! and the best


I don't think Kelly has money either unless you are saying the money she gets from her sugar daddy of a husband is enough Alex is a hard working person I hate to see her go. I am glad Bethenny has her own show because if she did not Kelly would have done something to her she is so jeleous of her success and want to be her.


Alex and her gay husband are such wannabe social climbers. They live in that disgusting mess of a house in Brooklyn and are constantly putting on airs and pretending they are monied like the rest of the housewives. At lease the other members of the show demonstrate some modicum of class at times. Alex and Simon have no clue - he is the worst dressed man I have ever seen - gay or straight. And why does she lie about having her teeth capped? They were awful to look at before but now they look very artificial with that arctic white color. Ugh. She can't seem to do anything right.


By now most interested viewers will know that not only is Alex NOT going anywhere, but that Jill's character (your infamous Inside Source, no doubt) hangs very much in the balance with reference to progressing to a Season Four. She threw down the gauntlet (i.e.,challenged BRAVO into an "either/or" situation with respect to Alex) at the end of Season Three Reunion Show -- and the BRAVO viewers/posters were having none of it. Adieu, Jill.


I love Alex and her family. Those boys are adorable. Simon well...... lets just say that he has great taste in fashion for Alex. I think they should stay on for another season.


Alex and Simon are a MUST on the show. Alex is articulated
and Stmon lends a colorful character which would be very much
missed on a show withut them. Their characters are important
for ratings.................


I don't want to see them next season!


Thank God they're gone, Alex is so fake and the fact that they try to be people that they clearly aren't is pathetic. She has always been wishy washy and a traitor to most of the other women on the show. It's sad that she thinks Jill and Luann have been so mean to her...Someone needs to tell her to look in the mirror. By the way, wake up and smell the roses, your "husband" is gay. And stop lying about not changing yourself Alex. Grow up.

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