Alex McCord: Out of The Real Housewives of New York City?

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Try to hold back the tears, reality TV fans:

Alex McCord and Simon van Kempen are reportedly out of The Real Housewives of New York City. Sources tell The New York Daily News "there are a ton of reasons they aren't being asked back" for a fourth season of the Bravo hit.

Alex McCord on Halloween

Such as...

"Viewers don't have a positive reaction to them, so they're easily replaceable at this point," an insider said, while Simon himself doesn't deny the rumor, saying:

"We have not had any discussions regarding a fourth season."

Moreover, the newspaper says the couple doesn't "really fit in with the other wives," while Simon threw a "hissy fit" when he discovered he was paid less than everyone else.

"Simon wants to be an equal on the show, but that doesn't really make any sense to Bravo," the source said. "After all, he's not a ‘Real Housewife,' now is he?"

No, he certainly is not. Then again, we're pretty sure neither Bethenny Frankel nor Kelly Bensimon is married... or real in any sense of the word.

The third season of The Real Housewives of New York City premieres on March 4. In it, "Alex picks a lot of fights, and it looks like it's an attempt to keep her story line relevant," said the insider. "But it ended up seeming inauthentic."

As compared to the rest of this totally believable, not remotely scripted show, of course.


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Alex and Simon are just blah blah blah glad there not on the show anymore - A UK fan not of those two though - 2 bit wannabees!!!!!!!


Me and my friends WILL watch RHONY next season IF, only IF, the Vankempens'AXED out.
With their classic case of co-dependency, they have brought the house down in a negative way. It is obvious that they sign up for this to cash in and make it as a means to earn money.
Can anyone see how they have made this show a 'soft porn' kind of TV show?
I vote for them to be OUT.


No pay per view here...regular programming, re-run episodes only, my comment: I luv Jill Zarin! She reminds me of/epitomizes, over indulged women with unlimited wealth, luv her! Alex&Simon..OMG! While they may be A-Listrs, they wreak of that "wanna be status", plus the footage they show of her children is awful! Thay may be adamant about their children being bi-lingual/quality of education...the kids act like lil animals! The countess...luv'd the reality check she recieved when her husband dumped her via a "post-it" note & e-mail


what the h is wrong with everyone ........ the worst person on that show has always been and always will be Jill Z ..... she is mean and petty .... she never has anything nice to say about anyone ... She trashes everything anyone does ... I thought she had Changed this season she said so herself but as you see on the last episode for Ramona's party she is just as petty and nasty as she was on the 1st season . She needs to quit talking trash about everybody and then crying when someone calls her on it .. I thought she was going to " own " her bad behavior .... she needs to grow the F up


Yuck, I really can't stand Alex and her fuggly teeth. When she argues she looks like something out of Lord of the Rings. She's just not posh enough to stay on with the show. And her pathetic, stuck in the closet husband.... don't get me started.


i guess the rumors werent true..alex is on season 4 and she is the main character now..jill is washed up and the countless has turned mean and unclassy..kelly is a big joke and ramona is ramona..sonja is a drunk whore and the new girl looks like her brother's girlfriend albeit 5 inches shorter


what alex needs to do is shut the fuck up! that ugly devil lookin' ass ho,and sadly its not true alex is back for season 4 and not betheney i rahter have betheny over alex any day. the only hope is now is that she wont cum back for season 5 of the show


Bravo is making a mistake if she isn't returning because she is representative to a lot of us! She is an awesome part of the show! Her sense of fashion is awesome, too.

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