Adam Lambert to Perform on American Idol

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Adam Lambert will return to the American Idol stage this season.

A few hours after Allison Iraheta and Kris Allen performed for fans, Lambert Tweeted today:

"Yes, I have been booked on Idol! Can't reveal the date yet but it's a ways off... So excited. Kris and Allison were awesome last night."

They sure were. But Lambert's debut album sold the most copies of any season eight finalist and his appearance later this year is sure to draw huge ratings.

But which competitors will still be around to see him? Our money is on Andrew Garcia, Casey James, Didi Benami or Crystal Bowersox to walk away with the season nine crown. What do you think?

All-Time Idol

Right 'wow'. Let's see my many fingers he can stuff up his butt. It is, after, all about Adam showing us how GAY he is....let's see his stuff!!!!! We love how this one person beings out all the low lifes of the world who have no morals or values. Am talking about all u Adam supporters on this blog!


Great! Adam returns to his root where he LOST. Well all be reminded why he's a loser. I can't wait to see him in drag.... Love that girlie makup, time for a sex change Adam. :P


Wicked, Terie, and all you other antiadam fan bashera. This is a gossip rag meant to let -everyone- express their opinions! You don't own the right to censure us!!! Hahaha . Now, let's hope they put a three -second deiay on the broadcast lest Adam feel his homo urges kick in and start kissing boys on stage. In the meantime, I'll have my hands on the tv off button if he starts. Maybe they should display a disclai
er on all Adam atteded shows that the show may contain sexually explicit gay material. Happy days !!


I love how some kids here (@yogi and @wow) believe entirely what entertainment news reports without verifying if it is really true. Did you hear it from the horse's mouth?? No??? I thought so. Here's another entertainment news: Yogi and Wow, fans of Susan Boyle, have been caught red-handed for attempting to steal Boyle's red, used panties. Pass this piece of news on, Yogi and Wow, won't you?


I can't wait to see Adam on AI. I love his album and enjoy watching his performances on you tube. I am also looking forward to his solo tour which I hope to get front row tickets. I have never owned a cd where I love every single song! Now regarding season 9 AI, Simon looks like he already left and there is zero chemistry in the judging panel which is carried over to the contestants. Having said that Casey seems really authentic and of course cute. When he looked at the camera an shrugged during the group number it was priceless. It was like he was saying "hey don't look at me I didn't arrange this lame group number"


I'm not watching it this season. I'm watching the Olympics instead which are much more interesting. Can you get a more boring crop of contestants? Casey James reminds me of Bo Bice and that Garicia kid is another Gokey. They all sound like past contestants. I'd rather watch the Olympics.


@wow...are you kidding me??? MOST of his show performances were "out of tune"??? i agree that his AMA performance was a pretty bad vocal, but please, you need to have your hearing checked.


Don't wast your money on Adam's terrible Susan Boyle's. Show support to her after Adam viciously attacked her.


I miss Adam on AI so much. This year, it just seems something is lacking in all the contestants - they don't seem to me to be able to sing well!(Adam effect) I am still watching Adam's AI videos every now and then. They are soooooooo memorable and entertaining. Certainly looking forward to seeing Adam perform on AI and teach S9 contestants a few tips on vocal techniques and stage charisma and presence. As for wow, it's plain that a hater like him cannot resist the Adam magnet. He takes time and effort to comment even though he doesn't like Adam. It just shows how charismatic Adam is - you can't leave him alone even if you hate him!!!


@wow: If you dislike ADAM so much why bother to gather all that info about him? If I don't like someone in the news I avoid articles about them ... certainly wouldn't be watching them or commenting on any articles. I think you're more INTERESTED in ADAM than you care to let yourself believe ... it's called DENIAL!!! LOL

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