Adam Lambert to Perform on American Idol

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Adam Lambert will return to the American Idol stage this season.

A few hours after Allison Iraheta and Kris Allen performed for fans, Lambert Tweeted today:

"Yes, I have been booked on Idol! Can't reveal the date yet but it's a ways off... So excited. Kris and Allison were awesome last night."

They sure were. But Lambert's debut album sold the most copies of any season eight finalist and his appearance later this year is sure to draw huge ratings.

But which competitors will still be around to see him? Our money is on Andrew Garcia, Casey James, Didi Benami or Crystal Bowersox to walk away with the season nine crown. What do you think?

All-Time Idol

My favs in Season 9 are Katelyn Epperly for the girls and Casey James for the win. In last week's performance, Todrick Hall had some "Adam" vibes, so I think he might do well.
I didn't watch Idol until Season 8, only because it's such a huge discussion at work and I wanted to know what everyone was talking about. It didn't take me long to become the office expert on everything Adam Lambert. He's "mad talented" (Randy) and such a great stage performer. I can't imagine anyone this year reaching the bar that Adam set, but there's still time. I will definitely be tuning in for Adam's Season 9 Idol performance.
And to "WOW" - you obviously aren't a musician because I've only heard one or two note missteps from Adam. He is usually in perfect pitch.


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I am SO GLAD, I can't wait..He got so screwed out of the title, I'm surprised he's doing it, But he has been the best thing that's come out of Idol in a LONG time...Haven't even watched Idol this year, cause of last years results... But will keep checking for when he's on..Luv Ya Adam..Rock On!


Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay Adam, we thought you should have walked off that stage as "THE" American Idol. You proved us right, that call should have been yours, we were all surprised in my town when the other "Guy" one. Happy for you I am, and I wish you all good things in life.


Adam is beginning to look like Liza if that's the look he's trying for then he's certainly achieved his goal.


Ms. Bowersox as Idol? OH NO... we are going from cool hip (adam) to hippy dippy with Crystal. Sorry can't stand her look, she looks like something you find crawling out of a VW van some mid morning out on the beaches of the west coast with her surfer dudes and pot smokers. Not Idol material. Idol, idolize! Lets go with someone like the young teen guys, the clean cut cuties that can really become something and they have their own raw talent, but at least they look like they bathed and combed their hair!


Wait a minute...just scrolling the page, my cursor rested on Adam's face and you have it saved as "All-time Idol", are you serious???? really, lemme is because he is gay....because his sales have not been anywhere near Kelly's, Carrie's or even Jordin Sparks'!! Shoot, I don't even think he has beaten Rubin!! Regardless, his radio airtime hasn't even compared, either....funny how you think he is the "all-time idol"...just curious as to how you came up with this decision...his album sucks and he has been suffering from a blacklist bacause of his unprofessional behavior....all I can come up with is because he is gay, which is really weird...I am not "anti-gay" just anti-free ride to those that think they deserve more rope than others because of their sexual preference...


wear make-up much, lol....

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