Adam Lambert Sings with Students

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Seen in the video below, Adam Lambert sung “Whataya Want From Me” with a group of kids in L.A. on Thursday, February 18. The event was part of the crooner's efforts to assist with

The talented, admirable musician dropped by to perform this single with the students and also handed out music composition books so they could write their own music.

If you wish to donate to classroom projects in honor of Lambert, visit today. Then, take a look and a listen:

P.S. No, current Idol semifinalist Alex Lambert is NOT related to Adam. They share a love of music, not any DNA.


Linda, Hahahahahahahahaha. You are sad, very sad.


TV and Hollywood clout should lead by example. Look at Apple...they put family and kids first, by removing racy apps from the istore. Censurship is long overdue! The networks, and entertainers must do the same, or expect to be SLAMMED by the public! Adam's sick gay demo on live TV, without a sincere apology shows he's trailer trash whose destined for failure due to public outrage! The majority is sick of the GAY agenda!


Adam looks like a Satin boy lover.


I wouldn't let this guy around kids!!! Is he going to start making out with little boys next! Where are the parents???? He owes the public a huge apology, but he won't do it because he's to caught up in himself. You Adam fans are losers too! Get a life, and get your moral compass fixed.


haha love him!


Adam is one of the most perfect or MOST PERFECT human being that I've ever seen. He's kind, gracious, hot, talented and down-to-earth. Go Adam! :D


Adam is a really great guy, I love him

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