Adam Lambert on Ke$ha: She's a Great Kisser!

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Adam Lambert is on record: he won't rule out sex with women.

Following a development this week, we now have an idea of what it would take to land Lambert if you're a member of the softer gender: don glitter and record a number-one single.

Very Much in Love

During a party on February 13 at a gay nightclub in New York City called Providence, the American Idol runner-up played a serious game of tonsil hockey with Ke$ha.

“She’s really pretty, we were laughing and we just started kissing. She’s a great [kisser]," Adam told the radio show BLI In The Morning yesterday.

Care to elaborate, Adam?

"She tasted like Goldschläger and maple syrup," he told

Sounds like the sort of combination Ke$ha would partake in, doesn't in? She's not your average celebrity.

As for Lambert? “He tasted like blueberries and champagne," the female singer, who performed earlier in the evening, said.

Did the make out session extend beyond the club and beyond first base? No. But if Lambert were to give women a shot, wouldn't Ke$ha be perfect for him?

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@Johnny, I'd take a cocksucker over a douch bag anytime.


Look, Adam can do whatever he wants. That is what makes him so awesome! He is who he is, he makes no excuses, he doesn't let anyone box him in, hey you only live once baby!


Ummm no. this is just wrong. fack kesha. im sorry but adam deserves way better than that lady gaga wannabe.


I meant to type: he is quite a pretty man, though. Sorry, I only have one hand.He definitely could use a makeup lesson. Way Bandy, where are you when we need you?


Adam, please clean up under your eyes. He is quit ea pretty man, though.


Hey, it's Adam's life. He deserves to do what he wants to just like anyone else in this world. He did just what he says he does sometimes, kissed a girl. He obviously really likes her. I'm glad they can have fun together.


Both are really beautiful and can kiss and do whatever they want, are not doing harm to the world should be allowed to be happy.


Adam said he kisses girls, it's fun, sometimes when he is out dancing at clubs in LA- it was in that same Rolling Stone magazine article last spring.He denied being bisexual, stating he is only bi-curious. As for Ke$ha,they immediately like each other and laughed and talked all night at the event where they met. It's one of those things.Love being with someone, having fun, does not mean romance. It is what it is.


This is so perfect!!! Go get her Adam. The idea of someone being bi-sexual starting from homo-sexual instead of hetero-sexual is just the kind of trend setting thing I'd expect from Adam. YaaY!!!