Adam Lambert on Ke$ha: She's a Great Kisser!

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Adam Lambert is on record: he won't rule out sex with women.

Following a development this week, we now have an idea of what it would take to land Lambert if you're a member of the softer gender: don glitter and record a number-one single.

Very Much in Love

During a party on February 13 at a gay nightclub in New York City called Providence, the American Idol runner-up played a serious game of tonsil hockey with Ke$ha.

“She’s really pretty, we were laughing and we just started kissing. She’s a great [kisser]," Adam told the radio show BLI In The Morning yesterday.

Care to elaborate, Adam?

"She tasted like Goldschläger and maple syrup," he told

Sounds like the sort of combination Ke$ha would partake in, doesn't in? She's not your average celebrity.

As for Lambert? “He tasted like blueberries and champagne," the female singer, who performed earlier in the evening, said.

Did the make out session extend beyond the club and beyond first base? No. But if Lambert were to give women a shot, wouldn't Ke$ha be perfect for him?


they should do a duet.a remake of "Desperado"....2 of the most desperate acts in the biz....and equally talented, what a pair...lets all pitch in on those make-up remover wipes, it would really help Adam with that acne problem if he would stay away from the stage make-up!!


Johnny: What a warped and twisted outlook. Rather doubt that his master plan is spreading Aids and recruiting fag-fans. Your reality sucks.


Serina, u need to get a life, and maybe get laid by a real man! Then, you would know what a real man is like! Ur deranged if you think society should allow public demonstrations of gay sex on tv. Ur disgusting!


this blog is for everyone...u suck balls! A LOT of people don't like this homo. So what's the problem? You Adam lovers need to get a life instead of worshiping someone you will never be! Hahahahahaha. U loser!!!!!


All of you haters need to F OFF! Why are YOU following Adam and commenting about everything he does? Go get a life. It is clear that you are all mentally ill. Maybe if you found a hobbie it would help. Just stay the F Away from him! He does not need any of you to give him advise you losers!!!


Yuck! One gay and one les. You two should date, lolz :D


Adam you may have fun with Ke$ha but her rep will bring your good thing you got goin' down. Don't attach your name to hers. Her music may be fun in clubs, but she's not going anywhere and YOU are! Keep focused. Don't have her rep cling to you the wrong way.


Hi, basically agree that Adam has little to no talent. And you poor women who seem to adore him are a sad group of people. You seem to caught up in someones looks rather that how the person adds value to our lives. I agree he's a bad example, and parents should not let their kids anywhere near this confused person. If Adam had any respect for others, he would press his gay life agenda onto the world.


I feel bad for your kids. they will enter the REAL world as ignorant as you, and people will hate them for it. have fun w that! ha


Let the sparks and the glitter fly!!!! Kesha and Adam, have fun and go for it!

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