Adam Lambert on Ke$ha: She's a Great Kisser!

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Adam Lambert is on record: he won't rule out sex with women.

Following a development this week, we now have an idea of what it would take to land Lambert if you're a member of the softer gender: don glitter and record a number-one single.

Very Much in Love

During a party on February 13 at a gay nightclub in New York City called Providence, the American Idol runner-up played a serious game of tonsil hockey with Ke$ha.

“She’s really pretty, we were laughing and we just started kissing. She’s a great [kisser]," Adam told the radio show BLI In The Morning yesterday.

Care to elaborate, Adam?

"She tasted like Goldschläger and maple syrup," he told

Sounds like the sort of combination Ke$ha would partake in, doesn't in? She's not your average celebrity.

As for Lambert? “He tasted like blueberries and champagne," the female singer, who performed earlier in the evening, said.

Did the make out session extend beyond the club and beyond first base? No. But if Lambert were to give women a shot, wouldn't Ke$ha be perfect for him?


I'm really jealous of Kesha.


no Ke$sha should not go out Adam Lambert because he is gay and the that he kiss another gay guy


I think Adam and Ke$ha would be a whole lot of glittery fun - GO FOR IT!!!


all i can say is this is one lucky chick go girl !!!


Suhella, do you believe a person has to be gay or bi to go to a gay bar? I am str8, been to gay bars, met cool ppl, had a great time. I agree with your assessment of Adam, though... FIIINE.


Seriously!!!! offense....but ADAM LMBERT is FINE!!!!And kesha looks like a dude who wears make-up with long hair....this is suprising...yet...its so disgusting, but why was Ke$ha at a gay she bi-sexual....Why???


I agree with queenrosered; Adam kissing anyone is totally hot! He's a gorgeous man, an incredible singer, and a gentle soul. Every time I see a hateful post I think the poster is either a homophobe, a bitter short-**** man who couldn't get a woman to throw underwear at him if he paid her, or a homely woman who's never gotten any and could never be as pretty and glossy as Adam. Bitter, hateful people have bitter, hateful lives. Otherwise, why would they be searching out articles about Adam for the sole purpose of spewing such vile filth about someone they don't know and who has no effect on their lives whatsoever? Pitiful. You rock, Adam! Kiss whoever you want, we love you for who you are!


Where are all these haters coming from? I don't like a lot of singers, including crooked faced, monkey-jawed, boring, white bread Kris Allen...but I have NEVER, EVER, not ONCE bothered to comment about him on ANY site (until now, lol) Admittedly, he doesn't make news like Adam does because, well..(yaaawwwwnnnn) Ya see? But seriously, if people don't like him, WHY go to the trouble to badmouth him, rather than just ignore and move on?
BTW, the idea of Adam making out with ANYONE is a total turn-on, IMO! ; )


I heard the radio interview w/c was done in a San Diego radio station before Adam donated his "KISS" outfit to Hard Rock Cafe. There was nothing that Adam said about Susan Boyle when the DJs shifted the topic to Susan Boyle. Absolutely nothing came out from his mouth. The only thing he did was sing "Wild Horses" the way SuBO did. That's it. Nothing derogatory. Of course the original by Rolling Stones was so different from the SuBo interpretation w/c I think didn't convey the theme or essence of the song.


Hey Sam, TV and Hollywood clout should lead by example. Look at Apple...they put family and kids first, by removing racy apps from the istore. Censurship is long overdue! The networks, and entertainers must do the same, or expect to be SLAMMED by the public! Adam's sick gay demo on live TV, without a sincere apology shows he's trailer trash whose destined for failure due to public outrage! The majority is sick of the GAY agenda! Smoke that you pipe smoker!

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