Whataya Want From Adam Lambert: The Official Music Video

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On the January 19 edition of The Oprah Winfrey Show, Adam Lambert fans can watch their man in action. He'll be performing the song "Whataya Want From Me."

But followers of this American Idol finalist and global sensation don't have to wait until then to enjoy a version of this single, Lambert's second off his debut album, For Your Entertainment.

The official music video for "Whataya Want From Me" has leaked online. Conservative parents don't need to shield the eyes of their young children, either:

There's nary a crotch thrust nor a simulation of oral sex to be found! It's just Lambert as his vocally sterling best. Lest the meanies at YouTube take it down, hurry up and watch the video now:

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Adam what the hell were you thinking putting that shit on your music video.My sister like how you sing and now she will see it and you will be laugh at by her whole school.Hope you wanted that HOMO!!!


I thought this video was sorta kinda AB-SO-LOOOOT-LEE fantastical-magical... jwpjwrgpjesgpjs. thats all i have to say. Whatever Adam does, he always gets people talking, wether negatively or positively. I think that this video/song might be more popular than For Your Entertainment, because it isnt as controversial... i personally love both sides of Adam..... i think i like the side where he makes me FEEL something and THINK a little more, but both that and making me want to GET UP AND DANCE are as well just an extension of the wonderful man that is adam lambert. thank you, and goodnight.


I loves it. Adam goooooooooooo!


Adam is as talented and as legendary as Freddie Mercury. He can go down in history as one of the best if he leaves out the sexual inuendo. Why he had to throw it in peoples faces is beyond me. Be the singer, be legendary and most of all carry yourself in a brilliant light.


this is a much better video of adam, hope it will click.


Another treat from the Master Treatmaster ... I haven't been this excited about a wonderful, new talent since Jeff Buckley entered the music scene ... And, Adam has as much charisma and integrity, in my opinion. That voice should be named a national treasure.


I think Adam is so awesome, we need to have videos of all of his songs. He performs, really leans on his acting experience to bring life and feeling to the song. He moves you with his depth of emotion. Such a remarkable talent. I truly hope he has great, long-lasting success. The music world needs him and we, the fans are so hooked, he is my addiction.


I dnt i dnt give a damn im gay and proud


to go away!


love it, it was awesome