Vienna Girardi From The Bachelor: Topless Model!

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Everyone on The Bachelor hates Vienna Girardi.

We're starting to understand the reason (or two reasons) why the only one who's opinion matters, star Jake Pavelka, has taken a liking to her, however.

ABC's official "bio" for Vienna Girardi, who has quickly become the enemy of every other girl left on the series, lists her as a "marketing representative."

Looks like they conveniently left out some of her free-time pursuits ...

Vienna Girardi Topless

Vienna Girardi sure can strategically wear a scarf, and clean up nice.

The above pic, unearthed by some site called Hollywood Life, is from a pinup calendar sent to over 2,500 clients and friends of C.O.D. Trees, Inc. of Oviedo, Fla., in 2009.

We have no idea what any of that means. What we do know is that it will surely fuel the fire for V's haters (as if rumors of her dating someone else weren't enough).

One wonders how Jake will feel when he finds out about this.

The Bachelor spoilers we've read project Vienna as one of the final girls standing. If that's true, we can see this (topless!) bomb being dropped on Jake soon enough.

You know Mike Fleiss is salivating over this ... possibly in more ways than one.


I don't get it.. What did Vienna do wrong other than discuss her date with Jake? Not like the rest of them haven't done that. I think Ali is so damn jealous that Vienna had Daddy to hand her everything and Ali didn't have that. Growing up and not having all the nice luxuries will sure make a woman jealous when they are of age. Ali is the fake one, she is always bitching about everyone else, but when Jake asks her a specific question she clams up. Gia is also FAKE.. she comes off to me as a NYC Slut and hopefully she is the next to go. I hope the rumors are right and Jake ends up with Vienna, she seems like the only one on the entire show, besides Tenley who actualy is REAL. Tenley just seems way too fragile after being married and in the end I believe Jake will see that. To all you Vienna haters.. Hate away, I ADORE her...


I think vienna is a nudest and also a bitch, she is soooo full of herself


I totally agree with BreAnn
It's so stupid that people can't think for themselves anymore.
Vienna hasn't done anything wrong.
People just can't think for themselves and go with whatever ABC wants them to think.
And oh so it's so wrong for Vienna to pose topless when they're atleast ONE THOUSAND pictures of GIA topless?


This show is a bunch of crap! and if Jake picks Vienna, he's blind and dumb! Scripted and far from reality. Vienna is a piss poor actress. ABC must have been crazy to cast her!!!


Oh, by the way, I think Jake will just love this photograph!! It seems as if she can do no wrong in his eyes.


I am so tired of everyone knocking Vienna. That poor girl!!! It just looks like pure jealously to me. I like her and I'm glad Jake picks her. She will have the last laugh. I can't wait to see the look on Tenley's face when Jake picks Vienna. I, too, will have a good laugh!!


And that is not even a good picture! Ugly inside and out!


As if this stupid girl has not done enough! Now this! Get rid of her now!!!!

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