Vienna Girardi From The Bachelor: Topless Model!

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Everyone on The Bachelor hates Vienna Girardi.

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    Its truly is Jakes choice, I wish them the best. Jake is very good
    looking, and I think most of the people watching the show judge on the looks, and I think because they saw Vienna was not pretty they
    wanted the more good looking girls for him, beauty is with in a person. The world we live in is not kind, Its all based on how good
    looking you are, not kind,. but sooooooooooooo true.
    Best of Luck


    OMG..I agree.. Vienna looks like a horse.. or maybe a donkey.. that't better.. a donkey face


    Ladies and some gentlemen, Men are more open minded today than yesterday. The only person we need to judge is the one you look at in the mirror. Let the boy choose and thank him for sharing this part of his life with the public.


    I cant understand why girls hate Vienna.I thinks Vienna is fun-loving that jake can enjoy with. But it not appropiate to topless that vienna did but she did once and not often. That only rare pic of Vienna topless. I bet she felt dumb when she was young and pic of her topless and will learn her mistakes, EVERYONE make mistajakes so. i feel sorry for Vienna have to through with those girl. BUt i dont know what real inside bacherlotte. Girls should be being nice and not have to..... I think Tenley will win. But Vienna was only one tend to fun-loving. That what i liked. I dont like to be serious alt ime


    I love Vienna! At least she is not a mean spirited gossipper. She is the only one who is real and if I were Jake the more that Ali Bitch badmouthed vienna, the more I would want vienna. I really hope Ali and Vienna are the last two and Jake picks Vienna. Serves you right, Ali! Your ugly inside shows in your face. At least Vienna has a beautiful smile.


    Vienna looks like a horse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I don't know how you could like Alie, she is a straight up bitch! She claims Vienna is too much drama but really she (Alie)is the one talking shit to create all the drama. Its clear that Vienna as been spoiled but that does not make her a bad person. The other women in the house are just jealous of her. TEAM VIENNA


    No jealously on my part, I am just good at judgeing people's character, and I did not like Vienna from the get go. Alie is the best!! She is geniune, and is naturaly a beautiful girl inside and out. If Jake picks Vienna then he is a dumb ass and he made his bed he can lay in it. It won't last if it is true that he picks her.


    we want gia and alli. i hope that jake finds out about vienna before its too late!


    I too cant understand why everyone hates Vienna. I cant figure out what she did wrong. The only thing I see is that Ali and all the other girls dont like her because they are jealous of her. I agree that people cant think for themselves if they keep basing on Vienna. When Jake asked Ali point blank for specifics, she had nothing to say, because there is NOTHING to say. I say quit hating on Vienna. She seems like the most fun and if I were a guy she is who I would pick. Ali is too possessive, Tenly's voice is obnoxious, Gia is boring and Vienna seems best for Jake in my opinon. Go Vienna!

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