Todrick Hall: Controversial Contestant on American Idol

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American Idol took its show to Dallas last night, where it encountered a few contestants with moving personal stories (one overcame cancer, another struggles with Tourette's Syndrome) and one with a controversial background.

Todrick Hall, a 24-year old from Arlington, Texas, wrote an original song for his audition and impressed all four judges.

He's a budding playwright who appeared with Fantasia in The Color Purple; had a small role in High School Musical 2; and wrote, choreographed and directed a Nashville show called "Oz, the Musical."

But that's where the controversy comes in: as chronicled by a local Tennessee station, Hall was the alleged mastermind behind a plot to fool families into paying for a play that was never actually in production, at least according to some sources.

In June 2009, parents brought their children to the Tennessee Performing Arts Center to audition for this remake of The Wizard of Oz. Its website billed former Idol star Diana DeGarmo as playing a role in it. But after shelling out $75 for costume fees, the families were told the play was canceled - and their money would not be refunded.

Hall said producers simply ran out of funds, but no local theater had been reserved for the event. Moreover, DeGarmo had no knowledge of the Nashville production.

It sounds a bit shady, but there's often a lot of behind-the-scenes details to these stories. Check out Hall's performance on Idol below and keep your eyes this contestant. He may be in the news for a variety of reasons in the near future.


Those who are saying this is SLANDER then let him DEFEND himself against these issues. I hope they kick his behind off of AI over this mess. If he was truly genuine he would of came up with the reimbursement by now & not have his company claim BANKRUPTCY to avoid paying back his debt


Great that some of you decide to defend this guy. Bottom line: His name was on the bill & it was his production company that collected the 50.00 - 75.00 fees if the parents didn't receive their money back that is SHADY anyway you cut it. Y'all can make excuses about SPONSORS pulling out this is an example of a PONZI SCHEME. If it wasn't then he would of returned the fees & not used it to cover his other debts


Seriously Julie Polk? Todrick didn't spend $300 on those jeans. It's a joke in a kitschy song to prove a point. The joke is saying that he'd dirty up designer clothes (by getting on his knees) if it meant he could go to Hollywood. I get that you're upset and I feel for you. What happened is wrong. But lighten up.


Uh, excuse me. I think I know who I made my check out to and it was TODRICK HALL.... and yes he did endorse it personally himself and cash it promtly..If you will look I said I would settle just for my 2 DVDs. I'm sure he is a nice guy so good luck to him and maybe he will make some money so he can make it right with ALOT of people. If he can afford a pair of $300.00 jeans, he could have paid back 10 people for their $30.00 DVDs... Good luck Todrick and GOD BLESS you....


ok, enough of this mess about Todrick Hall, he is a sweet, talented and kind soul!! he would never intentionally take anything from anybody or do any wrong or ill-willed to anyone, especially a child!!!!! sorry about $75.00 but geeze, you're willing to slander this young man's reputation without even knowing cause! his name may be all over the play but i guarantee he was not the one you handed your check over to! was it????? nope! please stop this and leave him alone, eventually maybe peace can be brought out to you and your child(ren), i just know there is more to this story than meets the eye. and i am a mother myself, i really can understand how you feel, but i also have the priveledge of knowing Todrick, and he simply not that way.


I saw OZ the Musical in Irving, TX with Diana Degarmo. It was a success and a terrific show. Todrick unfortunately aligned himself with producers that were incompetent and didn't know how to operate such an endeavor properly. Todrick being ambitious and excited to mount his work jumped to the opportunity to pursue his show when the producers offered minimal funding. The reason the producers insisted on charging children to be in the show was to help cover venue costs etc. It wasn't like it was a non for profit program that is funded by the city or something of the like. Todrick DID NOT intend on scamming these kids... he is great with kids and truly wanted the best it's just unfortunate because he found himself in a bad situation where he had producers making poor choices that disabled the production. Hopefully he'll find great success on Idol so he can be in a financial to pay back parents because he really does want to....


He did the same thing in Corpus Christi, Texas. My two grandchildren were suppose to be in the play. Their parents shelled out $120 for both and never received any further information on the play.


He got to a lot of parents here in Lubbock,Texas too. In Aug 2008, my granddaughter was in "Oz". I ordered 2 DVD's at $30.00 each that I have not received to this day. He promptly cashed my check for $60.00 though. My daughter contacted him several times and he said someone that was supposed to be making them got real busy and hadn't had time to do them yet and finally she wasn't able to talk to him anymore. Just had to leave him a voice mail.
I hope he does the right thing and refunds my money. Heck, I would even settle for the 2 DVD's I PURCHASED!!!!!


countless cities across America? Oh, you can count them. There were like 12, and they were all in his home state of Texas. he's neither a saint nor a sinner. He wasn't trying to mastermind a plot to get money, he's just stupid.


I was a part of this show, and yes he was not the producer, but lets face it, he used this show to make it seem as though the point of it was to repay the parents back from the last tour, also claiming that he made no money off this show, but truth be told, he did. and a lot. He is a fake and uses people to get ahead

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