Todrick Hall: Controversial Contestant on American Idol

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American Idol took its show to Dallas last night, where it encountered a few contestants with moving personal stories (one overcame cancer, another struggles with Tourette's Syndrome) and one with a controversial background.

Todrick Hall, a 24-year old from Arlington, Texas, wrote an original song for his audition and impressed all four judges.

He's a budding playwright who appeared with Fantasia in The Color Purple; had a small role in High School Musical 2; and wrote, choreographed and directed a Nashville show called "Oz, the Musical."

But that's where the controversy comes in: as chronicled by a local Tennessee station, Hall was the alleged mastermind behind a plot to fool families into paying for a play that was never actually in production, at least according to some sources.

In June 2009, parents brought their children to the Tennessee Performing Arts Center to audition for this remake of The Wizard of Oz. Its website billed former Idol star Diana DeGarmo as playing a role in it. But after shelling out $75 for costume fees, the families were told the play was canceled - and their money would not be refunded.

Hall said producers simply ran out of funds, but no local theater had been reserved for the event. Moreover, DeGarmo had no knowledge of the Nashville production.

It sounds a bit shady, but there's often a lot of behind-the-scenes details to these stories. Check out Hall's performance on Idol below and keep your eyes this contestant. He may be in the news for a variety of reasons in the near future.


KBL, Todrick actually grew up in Plainview. His family lives here. He says there have been delays in production of the DVDs that people are owed but many, hopefully all of them will be ready this month sometime.


I want to confirm that what Marcie has said is 100% correct. I am a parent of one of the precious children that was in Oz: The Musical in Lubbock, Texas. My husband and I worked very hard to help make the production a success. My husband even provided "security" for the American Idols and did so free of charge. We helped back stage, we costumes, with practices, any way that we could help. We paid money to be in the production and for t-shirts and other things. I even paid for a DVD and still have the check image showing that Todrick Hall AND his mother both endorsed my check. The check was made out to Todrick, not a production company. I should have known better, but he made us trust him...just like some of you trust him. He grew up in Lubbock and took dance lessons from Ballet Lubbock. Without Ballet Lubbock he would not be where he is today. And to think that he would come back to the town that raised him and take advantage of the citizens and children just sickens me.


Marcie.... and you know all of this because?


Mr Hall performed the same SCAM in Pittsburgh, PA to the disappointment of many children - at least he lowered his fee for us, we only lost $50 per child!!!




This guy is a SCAM artist, a very likable one. He came to Amarillo after cancelling the show because of money always the problem is someone elses he takes NO reponsibility for any thing. His answer to giving parents the money back was to stage OZ with anyone he could find and give the parents who paid money free tickets to sell to their friends and keep the money. His reason for clearing this up was AN UPCOMING TELEVISION OPPORTUNITY-IDOL!
Had that not been happening he would NOT have made even a lame attempt at paying people-he didn't in many many other towns to thousands of kids. Stay away from him and do NOT vote for him on IDOL-He is a smooth talker but a crook just the same.


No, no no! I was in an OZ production in a different area with him, and in Nashville, some gunk came up. He was actually tryig to raise some money to pay them back. Get your facts straight before you try to ruin someone's reputation.


I don't know what happened with OZ the tour. But I am a mom, my daughter was in The Color Purple with Todrick and he was the kindest young man. He spent time with the kids, took them to the movies in between shows, I simply can not imagine that he would intentionally hurt a kid and rob them of their dream or money. He is young, and maybe somewhat naive but by no means a mastermind behind a scam. I hope people can see in the weeks to come what a talented and nice young man he is.


Pittsburgh PA was scammed in May 2009. Each child lost $50. Three dance studios were used to audition kids. The hundreds of kids that auditioned were accepted and paid the fees. In July we got notice that the show was cancelled due to an investor pulling out. No one responded to emails or voicemails. Then we hear that Toddrick is holding auditions in another city for Oz the musical. Look around. For a scam to work successfully, there needs to be some early successes .... much like a ponzi scheme. It is the early successess that allow the credibility for the scam to go national and defraud thousands of people. Toddrick will be caught. Rest assured of that. Disgusted in Pittsburgh PA.


will everyone chill the f*** out?? do you realize how much money that is? its going to take a while to pay everyone out! give him some time! its been 6 months and were talking about 400,000 dollars here! its not going to be over night!

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