Todrick Hall: Controversial Contestant on American Idol

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American Idol took its show to Dallas last night, where it encountered a few contestants with moving personal stories (one overcame cancer, another struggles with Tourette's Syndrome) and one with a controversial background.

Todrick Hall, a 24-year old from Arlington, Texas, wrote an original song for his audition and impressed all four judges.

He's a budding playwright who appeared with Fantasia in The Color Purple; had a small role in High School Musical 2; and wrote, choreographed and directed a Nashville show called "Oz, the Musical."

But that's where the controversy comes in: as chronicled by a local Tennessee station, Hall was the alleged mastermind behind a plot to fool families into paying for a play that was never actually in production, at least according to some sources.

In June 2009, parents brought their children to the Tennessee Performing Arts Center to audition for this remake of The Wizard of Oz. Its website billed former Idol star Diana DeGarmo as playing a role in it. But after shelling out $75 for costume fees, the families were told the play was canceled - and their money would not be refunded.

Hall said producers simply ran out of funds, but no local theater had been reserved for the event. Moreover, DeGarmo had no knowledge of the Nashville production.

It sounds a bit shady, but there's often a lot of behind-the-scenes details to these stories. Check out Hall's performance on Idol below and keep your eyes this contestant. He may be in the news for a variety of reasons in the near future.


Everybody needs to get over yourselfves my cousin peformed in oz that he directed. so get over it your just jelious that he can sing and you cant. so hahahahaha. hes a good guy he doesnt owe anybody anything.


Todrick owes me $75 and in an email said it would be paid by December 13th 2009. Still nothing and no response to further emails!


Todrick owes me $100.00! I am so tired of hearing "he's only one man" or "he's not responsible". The email I received last year was from a respresentative for Todrick Hall, promising to refund all the money that was paid for Oz, The Musical. If Todrick wanted to clear the air, maybe he should give the name, phone number and address to the person (or people) that are! Like it or not, Todrick is responsible! Classic case of not doing the right thing in the beginning, will cost him everything in the end! It's a shame, as he is very talented, just not very smart!


Todrick is a good decent person who was taken in by producers. They were in charge of all the financing and refunds. Not him. He turned down two Broadway show offers so he could come back and put on the shows that he could. He did not have money. He did it with the help of his friends. He did it because he knew it was the right thing to do. The producers of American Idol want drama so they are going to manipulate this story for their own ratings. Pathetic.


Indianapolis also got victimized by the DVD ripoff. Great show, but no DVDs have been delivered after paying $30 each for a show in December. Sad.


He has done some work on his teeth...put his name on google images and compare his teeth before (him with a blue shirt) and now with american idol pics...he has put venners....;) loved his song on his 1st audition...hes top3 for sure!!


This continues to anger me that people constantly put the blame on Todrick. First of all the producer, Greg Money, clearly takes the blame and claims Todrick to only be the writer and director! That means he taught the show to the performers! How is it his fault the tour ran out of money?? Secondly, there is visual and audio PROOF that the show went on in MANY other cities. So to call it a scam is the most idiotic statement I have EVER heard! I feel that these parents MUST of had the most perfect life, because they are acting like this is the out right MOST damaging event that has ever transpired in their miserable little lives. Trust me, if this is the worst thing that happens to you, then you've had a pretty damn good life! If it isn't, then I sure as hell don't want to know how you reacted in worse events! Move on! You're acting like a "9 month yr old."


My students along with many others here in South Florida were taken in by this OZ production scam. He used my dance studio free of charge for auditions, collected $50 per student, got them excited and then gave them nothing. We found out it was cancelled only by calling the theatre where it was supposed to be held after we could not get any response from anyone involved with the show. The theatre people told us that they had not been paid and would not be having the production at their venue. I am left with irate parents and my studio's name has been smeared by being involved. I was shocked to see him as a contestant on American Idol. I will not be watching this season at all!!!


Todrick is not a scammer. I can see how people may say that he is, but they haven't had the true privilige of meeting him. I am very fortunate that I got to work with him in our local production. We had four American Idol contestants and the show was outstanding! I really enjoyed being in the show and how quickly the show was put together. I think that people should stop "slamming" him and see Todrick for who he really is.


I think Todrick Hall is amazing, what talent!! My daughter was also a munchkin in his OZ Musical and had a great experience. Not only did she love it my husband and I saw the show and it was hilarious. We did not pay any fees except to see the show which was well worth it. Good luck on American Idol we are backing you!!!

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