Todrick Hall: Controversial Contestant on American Idol

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American Idol took its show to Dallas last night, where it encountered a few contestants with moving personal stories (one overcame cancer, another struggles with Tourette's Syndrome) and one with a controversial background.

Todrick Hall, a 24-year old from Arlington, Texas, wrote an original song for his audition and impressed all four judges.

He's a budding playwright who appeared with Fantasia in The Color Purple; had a small role in High School Musical 2; and wrote, choreographed and directed a Nashville show called "Oz, the Musical."

But that's where the controversy comes in: as chronicled by a local Tennessee station, Hall was the alleged mastermind behind a plot to fool families into paying for a play that was never actually in production, at least according to some sources.

In June 2009, parents brought their children to the Tennessee Performing Arts Center to audition for this remake of The Wizard of Oz. Its website billed former Idol star Diana DeGarmo as playing a role in it. But after shelling out $75 for costume fees, the families were told the play was canceled - and their money would not be refunded.

Hall said producers simply ran out of funds, but no local theater had been reserved for the event. Moreover, DeGarmo had no knowledge of the Nashville production.

It sounds a bit shady, but there's often a lot of behind-the-scenes details to these stories. Check out Hall's performance on Idol below and keep your eyes this contestant. He may be in the news for a variety of reasons in the near future.


WOW!!! It's bad enough to allow a bunch of bitter "wannabe" rubes and "stage mothers" who were duped through their own enormous egos (vicariously through exploiting their own children,) to post messages here, but when the extremely hateful and racist comments started it became blatantly obvious, this message board is a load of crap! The worst message board ever! Highly forgettable, and I would be surprised if it's still here next week!


Todrick Hall was a top 20 finalist in American Idol, he was booted off on March 11th. I think the timing is right for some group pressure. I have created the email address and I am asking others who were ripped off to send emails to that email address from around central Ohio and the rest of the country, at which time we will hopefully have enough publicity and contact Todrick Hall (and his partner Greg Money) in the hopes they will finally provide refunds. We were told the money was for costumes, no one ever received costumes to my knowledge and the money was never refunded. The more people engaged, the better chance for some legal action, the money is one thing, the feeling of being ripped off while he gets famous is something else. BTW, Todrick Hall's phone number is 347-327-0704


Todrick KNOWS he owes the money. He posted on his Facebook that he makes $75,000 to $100,000. So why doesn't he pay the people he owes money? He owes the band, the performers, the childrens' parents, EVERYONE money from the Oz Tour. And now he's trying to get those people not to talk! He thanks his mother for her morals and blah, blah, blah. What morals? If you had ANY, Todrick, you would never have scammed people OVER AND OVER AGAIN. Shame on you for being a crook! Come up with whatever excuse you want, but everyone involved knows the truth! You can tell who your fans are -- the idiots who can't spell or write a simple sentence and probably helped you scam all those innocent people out of their money! You belong in jail, not on American Idol!


My daughter actually got to be in the production, but it was not done in the town we paid for it to be in. We had to drive about an hour. Parents that made the decision not to make the drive were told they would be refunded but this never happened. A friend of mine paid for a video of the performance, and never received it. From what I understand, the production went bankrupt and that it why it fell apart. It was actually a great musical, but he has done many people wrong.


Some of you keep saying that it is a production company that stole people's money. To all of you I ask how you explain that the check I wrote for DVDs of the production was paid to the order of "Todrick Hall" and him AND his mother both signed the back of the check to cash it?? I did not write that check to a production company so I don't know how you can say he wasn't the one responsible.


Off the subject just a bit. But I thought if you were a professional which Todrick sure seems to be that you should not even be on American Idol. Is it for ametures trying to make it or do they have to compete against seasoned singers and writers. Just does not seem FAIR!


Todrick has been scamming people for YEARS! He still owed many young people hundreds of dollors for performing in the very first production of OZ back in 200 or 2001. This guy is charming... but he is a crook.


Never trust a black.


Keep your eyes this contestant? WHAT DOES THAT MEAN!! The grammar skills of this writer verge on terrible!!


People have so much hatred in their lives! Todrick is a wonderful guy! He wouldn't scam anyone for money! You think if he did he would come out on American Idol knowing this would come up? The answer is NO... Todrick to the top! He will get our votes in Texas for sure!! Go Todrick! The Next American Idol.. I will be blowing up the phone lines!!!!!!

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