Tila Tequila to Casey Johnson's Family: You're a Piece of $h!t

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Tila Tequila continues to mourn the passing of Casey Johnson in an unusual, publicity-whorish manner.

Just hours after she posed seductively for the paparazzi surrounding her home, Tequila has gone on yet another Twitter rant against Casey's family.

Scarcely Clothed

In a new post, she refers to them as "piece[s] of s- - -" that "abandoned" their daughter and adds:

"Some ppl think just cuz they're rich that they can just stomp all over other ppl. Even if that means taking away their daughters happiness! My Wife hated them. Just wait til I tell everyone the truth I have proof."

Tila is certifiably insane and is inexcusably using Casey's death to garner headlines for herself. But her facts in this instance aren't entirely off base.

Johnson's family cut ties with their daughter years ago, citing the drug and alcohol abuse that led to her unstable behavior. Her father, New York Jets owner Woody Johnson, lost his brother to a drug overdose in 1975 and is sensitive to the issue.

The New York Daily News reports he hoped this example of tough love would set Casey straight. Sadly, it didn't work out that way.

And Tequila won't let anyone forget it: "Her family abandoned her for 5 years, her friends never called her, ONLY I DID," she wrote. "Who was there for her? I WAS! I took care of EVERYTHING!"

Early this morning, Tila said she promised to "tell all" about Casey's personal life. We have no idea what that means, but we do know this much: Tequila is an extraordinarily troubled individual.


I thought this skank was already prego for awhile now and that she had a full size tummy?!? Myspace bulletins of her postings show she had announced being prego awhile ago and that she was almost ran over by pops chasing her down as if she is some big deal?!? Wow she needs to be put in a padded room with no contact with the outside world or at least take away the attention cause everyone is giving it to her as well as me but only wanted to read how and why casey died and if casey was a guy considering tila getting knocked up!! This is too much drama for me!!! Lol good luck tila hope u get your act together hun


Casey's parents were right to use tough love on Casey. Anyone that has dealt w/addiction would know that. You better believe that just because they cut her off money wise that they are grieving beyond belief.Tila should be especially respectful to Casey's family at this time, but that would take class, cooth,dignity and morals. None of which Tila has. God bless the Johnson Family in this heartbreaking time.


She's a super cachita!


I feel sorry foe the child and casye mom and she will do the right thing remember it is hard to reason with a drug addict and of course her choice of that girlfriend was dancing with the devil i hope she is at peace now ,.


If anyone watched any of the footage of these two together you would see tequila treating Casey like a dog every time! Tila is just a pathetic excuse for a human being, oh and she looks like she took a shovel to the face, lol


sad thing is NOW she's twittering she might be pregnant. wtf is wrong with this girl? going around announcing her love for the johnson & johnson girl, but yet she's still having sex with some guy enough to get knocked up? i hope she learns from her mistakes to be a decent mom and stop using this poor girls death to her advantage in the media world.


Nice picture...lol. Who looks like $hit?


Tila is so hote and such a funny and original character!
She is going a little bit too far here but come on, at least you have some stuff to talk about, isn't it how gossip and hollywood story about?


she's not even that hot. i see cuter girls at the mall any day of the week. not sure why anyone cares about TT.


Of course, Tila tries to get media attention, who doesn't in all these f**k*** Hollywood ...
But did she do anything to Casey's death?
at least give her some respect, don't just bang on her door & take stuffs like

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