Tila Tequila Produces Alleged Gestational Sac of Unborn Child

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Tila Tequila has good news and contrived news for celebrity gossip followers. First, the good:

She's going away! The former Penthouse pin-up Tweeted her farewell last night: GOODBYE HOLLYWOOD! I WILL MISS YOU! BUT I HAVE MORE IMPORTANT THINGS IN LIFE 2 DO NOW!

Tequila is referring, of course, to the alleged fetus growing inside her body. She confirmed to blog readers yesterday she's pregnant, though most people with a third grade education or higher doubt the veracity of this news.

Will she actually disappear for longer than it takes to shower and restart her computer? Of course not. But let's enjoy these Tila Twitter-free moments while they last...

Prior to signing off, Tequila claims she sent a photo of her sonogram to Radar Online. How do we know it's real? Because the letters in the corner (ng) are the first two letters of her last name. D'uh!

No way that can be photoshopped...

Tila Tequila Sonogram

You can see a gestational sac in the picture, which is the earliest sonographic finding of a pregnancy. We won't actually believe Tila is knocked up, however, until there's a live baby and a blood test taken.

Referring to plans with Casey Johnson, Tequila wrote on the website:

"We talked about one of us getting pregnant so we can have another baby of our own. We talked about this for a very long time, and we both agreed that I would be the one carrying the baby.

"So that is the reason why I got pregnant. It was for Casey and I, and that is also why I was so devastated when she passed away because now I have our baby in my belly, but she has passed away."

But is Casey really gone? Yes. Still, Tila said she came to her in a dream and:

"She told me not to cry anymore and not to worry. She told me she is in heaven now watching over me and always and forever protecting me and our baby. She then handed the baby over to me, kissed me, and said "I love you T, please don't cry anymore! Just take care of our baby.'"

What a sweet thing for a fake fiancee to say, don't you agree?


Thank you, Mary. I was wondering when SOMEONE would point out that fact. Any idiot with half a brain knows they can simply print the image on the screen without taking a full picture of the actual machine. Her 'fans' are really patheic morons. I can't wait to see her come up with some new story about how she 'lost' the 'baby'. She is deeply disturbed.


hmm, i seem to remeber this girl stating she would be carrying her brothers child for him and his wife, mate, girlfriend, whatever, and proclaiming then she was expecting, doing this out of the love she felt for her family and out of the wonderful bond she felt for them Let us pray her poor family is in hiding, changing their names and moving to an undisclosed location, i surely would


and I know that the other people are right..either she is gonna say that she miscarried or she's going to say that she had to have an abortion because there was something wrong with the fetus and they had to terminate to save her life..she's an idiot!!


okay here's my deal though..I have had a child and a sonogram before..they do NOT put the first initials of your LAST name in the upper left hand corner of the picture..they put your last name..comma then your first name..she went from being someone that I didn't mind seeing on TV because she was such a trainwreck to an absolute dumbass..I'm glad that this is probably a fake..why would any of us want little Tila's running around voting or making any sort of decision like their momma???


Tila Tequila is a moron, I am pretty sure she either paid someone for their sonogram or she used photoshop to put her initials on the one she sent to Radar Online. And anyway, don't sonograms usually have your entire last name and first initial. All the ones I have seen do, including my own. Yeah, good luck with your latest fabrication Tila, dunce.


Oh, if only it were true, all the world would celebrate seeing Tila's backside disappear into the sunset. Paaaaaarty.


Why are you even posting news on her? Uh! She is so annoying and irrelevant


omg, that has got to be a fake one if i've ever seen it. I have my u/s pic from like 3 weeks ago and that looks nothing liek a legit u/s pci would look


Cue the coutndown for her to announce a "tragic" miscarriage. In 5, 4, 3...


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